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If you have a smartphone with Qi capabilities, you’ll need a qi charger for your car, too. The best that we’ve come across is the Montar Air Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount. It’s incredibly easy to setup, and it’s easily mounted. It has a holder that rotates a full 360 degrees, so you can set your phone up however you prefer and then keep it how you like it, thanks to a tightening mechanism on the back. And unlike some of the other qi chargers I’ve tested, the Montar Air Qi just simply works. Put your phone on the base, and it begins charging; no fuss, no tinkering, or none of the “is it charging now…how about now?” And now that it’s roughly half of the price it was at launch (now it’s $59.99), it’s well worth the pick-up.
Sticking with the theme of gaming, VR is the hot topic of 2016. In fact, CES and GDC were both dominated by VR talk, with PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and Vive leading the way. But our VR of choice is the PlayStation VR, at least for now, simply because of its price point. What you’re getting for the price outshines the other two leading VR headsets, and although it’s slightly less advanced than Oculus or Vive, it’s still an incredibly great experience. Plus, there’s 100 Foot Robot Golf coming after it launches. Sure, you have to buy the PlayStation Camera (if you don’t have one already), but it’s a gaming VR headset made for gamers. If you’re looking to go VR but don’t want to break the bank, the PS VR is a solid choice. You can also check out our list of the best PS4 games of 2016 so far.
Bei diesen Details sollte klar sein, dass die Megaboom am liebsten draußen im Freien ihr Soundwerk vollbringen möchte, eingebuddelt im Sand auf der spontanen Strandparty, per Lasche an den Wanderrucksack gehängt oder beim Radfahren in den Getränkehalter gesteckt. Das Wetter spielt dabei keine Rolle. Der Akku hält im Einsatz bis zu 16 Stunden.
Der chinesische Smartphone-Hersteller Nubia startet mit fünf Modellen in Deutschland. Die Geräte kosten zwischen 230 und 600 Euro. Am unteren Ende der Preisspanne das Modell N1, das besonders mit 5000 Milliamperestunden Akkukapazität punkten soll. Das Flaggschiff Z11 (Foto) kostet 370 Euro mehr als das N1. Es hat 6 Gigabyte (GB) Arbeits-, 64 GB erweiterbaren Hauptspeicher und den Vierkernprozessor Snapdragon 820 unter seinem Gehäuse. Die Kamera des Z11 bietet laut Hersteller drei Fokus- und vier Verschluss-Modi. Beim Display dagegen unterscheiden sich beide Geräte nicht: Es ist jeweils 5,5 Zoll groß und löst in Full HD auf (1920 mal 1080 Pixel). weniger
Smarter Beamer statt Smart-TV: Der neue ProBeam von LG ist ein Laser-Beamer mit eingebauter Smart-TV-Plattform. Das rund zwei Kilogramm schwere Gerät wirft Bilder in Full HD (1920 zu 1080 Pixel) an die Wand, der Ton geht per Bluetooth an kompatible Lautsprecher und Kopfhörer. Der Laser-Projektor soll bis zu 2000 Lumen Helligkeit schaffen und somit auch in helleren Räumen ein sichtbares Bild liefern. Über die auch in den Smart-TVs von LG eingesetzte WebOS Smart-TV-Plattform kann der Beamer auf TV- und Streamingdienste zugreifen. Per Miracast übertragen kompatible Smartphones ihre Bildschirminhalte auf den Beamer.  weniger
It’s niche, but the Sprout G2, with its integrated 3D and 2D scanners, is perfect for product designers, CGI creators and other folks who can benefit from incorporating 3D models into their workflow. It’s also got a stylus-enabled touch mat that acts as a second screen.
This prototype phone shown by Chinese phonemaker Vivo has no official name, price or sale date. But its virtual home button, which appears only when you need it and then gets out of the way, may be a harbinger of things to come. It’s a killer feature that was rumored for both the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 — neither of which had it. We’re clinging to the hope that it finds its way onto the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.
This black box is nearly impossible to put together. Ninety-nine percent of those who try will fail. But for the always-elite 1%, once your corners are aligned and screws affixed, the world will be your oyster. Flip the…
Aura besteht aus 2 Elementen: ein aufmerksamer Schlafsensor, der unter die Matratze gelegt wird und von dort aus Ihren Schlaf analysiert, sowie ein Wecksystem, das auf dem Nachttisch platziert wird und mit speziellen Licht- und Klangprogrammen Ihre Einschlaf- und Aufwachphase begleitet. Der Schlafsensor registriert Bewegungen in der Nacht und zeichnet den Atemzyklus sowie die Herzfrequenz auf. Das Wecksystem hingegen überwacht den Schlafraum, registriert Zimmertemperatur, Geräusche und Lichtveränderungen.
Nintendo’s iconic grey-and-purple Super Nintendo gaming machine made a huge comeback in 2017. The SNES Classic comes loaded with 21 retro titles, including Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Donkey Kong Country, and a previously unreleased Star Fox game. Everything from the games themselves to the way the controllers feel in your hands are exactly as you would remember from the 1990s. Catering to players’ nostalgia has seemingly paid off: the SNES Classic was the second best-selling video game console during the month of October, according to research firm NPD, and it’s been nearly impossible to find since its September launch.
The RIF6 Cube is an incredible little gadget that allows you to project your mobile phone with a 120″ display. Simply connect your smartphone to the cube, and you’re able to view Netflix, YouTube videos, games, pictures and more right on a nearby wall. Its size and weight make it perfect for travel, and it’s also great for presentations as well. It’s also great at home if you don’t want to tethered to the living room for your TV watching. And, it’s surprisingly bright for its size.
The Micro uses an external power supply. Each order will include a power supply that’s compatible with the voltage at your shipping location – in the US, that will be a 120 V supply, and for most of Europe and the rest of the world, it will be 220 V.
De ultieme hi-tech lifestyle gadget voor de moderne consument. Deze smartwatch registreert jouw activiteiten in het dagelijks leven. Van het meten van jouw slaappatroon tot verschillende sport activiteiten GPS, en van synchronisatie met sociale media tot geavanceerde outdoorfuncties.
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Das dLAN 1200 triple+ von Devolo bietet eine Übertragungsgeschwindigkeit über das Stromnetz von bis zu zu 1200 Mbits/s. Geräte können entweder per WLAN oder per Kabel an die drei Gigabit-Anschlüsse angeschlossen werden. Durch die integrierte Steckdose geht kein Anschluss verloren. Preis: 150 Euro.
Zet je hostessen actie in de kijker, maak een leuke stand op festivals, doe een leuke facebook winactie,… . Met dit selfieframe kan je alle kanten op EN val je op op de sociale media. Rechtopstaand model
When fully assembled, the Super Ear Amplifier amplifies ambient sound through headphones by a factor of 50. A wordsmith who goes by the name of Amazon Customer says, It’s like a hearing aid on steroids. Teach the…
This file-storing and -syncing web service was first launched way back in 2008. Five years later, it has been refined to sheer brilliance. “Dropbox has basically changed the way I work forever,” Fortune assistant managing editor Leigh Gallagher says. “I don’t like working on web-based anything, but with Dropbox I can store all my files in a little drop-menu folder at the top of my desktop, and when I get home and get on my laptop, the same files are in the same place, in the same order. It’s like magic. And whenever I have what I think is some brilliant idea or epiphany that needs to be added to any of these documents, I throw it on the file at home and it shows up on the document at the office.”
Welcome to If you prefer a simplified shopping experience, try the mobile web version of Amazon at The mobile web version is similar to the mobile app. Stay on for access to all the features of the main Amazon website.
We worked very hard over a period of 2 years with countless debates between artists, engineers and production experts to achieve the look, the price and the performance we desired. It was our unwillingness to compromise on any of these aspects that made The Micro such an affordable technological feat.
Über eine Software können diverse Einstellungen am Controller vorgenommen werden – etwa, wie schnell oder langsam die Joysticks reagieren. Bemerkenswert ist auch die Anordnung der Sticks: Sie sind versetzt auf dem Joypad angebracht – ähnlich wie bei den Controllern der Xbox One.
Apple’s latest smartwatch finally lets you leave your phone at home. Since it supports LTE, you can receive calls and texts on your wrist even when your phone is out of range. The third-generation Apple Watch also brings a faster processor and a new barometric altimeter for measuring activities like the numbers of stairs you climb. The Apple Watch isn’t meant to replace your phone, and just about anything you would usually use your phone for is better on a larger screen. But the freedom to leave your phone at home when you step out to walk the dog or go on a run may be just enough to persuade smartwatch skeptics that the Apple Watch is worth considering, especially for athletic types.
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Im Hinblick auf Games sind Männer wie grosse Jungs: Sie könnten den ganzen Tag lang daddeln, bis die Controller heiss laufen. In unserem Sortiment sind Spieleklassiker wie World of Warcraft genauso wie hippe Neuheiten vertreten. Retro-Spiele wie Pacman versetzen Spielefans in die Kindheit zurück – bestimmt findest du bei uns im Shop ein Geschenk, das die Sammlung vervollständigt. Nutze unseren praktischen Geschenkfinder oder die Top-Geschenkelisten und suche im Handumdrehen die passenden technischen Gadgets für deine Lieben aus. Ob Geburtstagsgeschenke für Männer ab 50 oder besondere Weihnachtsgeschenke für den kleinen Bruder, hier wirst du fündig. liefert schnell, günstig und auf Wunsch in der Geschenkverpackung!
Could the car sat nav boast the shortest lifespan of any technology yet? Surely our GPS-supporting phones are more than capable of handling our daily car sat nav needs? Not so fast – there’s still plenty of life left in dedicated devices. Apart from offering the kind of focus that is only available from a dedicated device, true sat navs offer proper mounting systems that aren’t fiddly plastic nightmares and also pack voice options that entertain and inform. That’s not to say that you should leave your phone at home. Phone apps are catching up quickly, and they don’t cost the earth either. In fact, some of the most interesting projects are only on phones right now.
It is no wonder that rechargeable batteries are in greater demand these days. Non-rechargeable batteries are useless once their output is gone, you have to buy more and more once these batteries run out of energy, disposal is problematic due to environmental concerns,…
If you like physical calendars that are sure to draw attention, then stop spending your money buying the cute kitten calendars year-after-year and start considering this masterpiece: an elegantly-designed calendar that’s filled with magic (see: magnets and metal). One of these would compliment a Newton’s cradle quite nicely, no? // Source
Garmin could leave Apple in the dust with this one. The Forerunner music watch, with storage for 500 songs, also supports GPS, Garmin Pay and has physical buttons instead of a touchscreen — which may be preferable for those on the move.
Der praktische Quellwasser-Feeling Wasserhahn-Aufsatz verwandelt Wasserhähne mit gerader Düse in lustige Trinkbrunnen. Das Wasser sprudelt aus der oberen Öffnung heraus, wenn die untere zugedrückt wird.
Breathalyzers are fine, but the Skyn band tracks your blood-alcohol content in real time and proves to you that you’re a lightweight. I’m not sure you could read that screen after a few too many, though.

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