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Galleri: Prøvekørt – Sådan virker Googles nye supertelefon It-mand er verdens rigeste person under 30 år Glem alt det bærbare: Derfor har du stadig brug for en desktop-pc Galleri: 10 gratis open source-værktøjer til dit firma Galleri: De bedste nye funktioner i OS X Maverick
Uanset om du giver den gas på cykel, ski, i luften, under vandet eller måske bag rattet i en sjov bil, er det skægt at gense turen bagefter. Og det kan du med dette WaspCam 9900. Ved hjælp af de mange medfølgende fittings kan du klæbe eller spænde kameraet fast de fleste steder.
If you’re looking for the perfect mobile accessory for your retro ’90s outfit, the Gemini clamshell is for you. Pure throwback on the outside, but all business on the inside with a 10-core processor, 64GB of storage and 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 
Does your toilet feel excluded from your smart home setup? Kohler’s new top-of-the-line model delivers hands-free flushing, bidet cleansing, feet warming, air drying, odor control, music, a night light and automatic seat temperature management. Plus, you can ask Alexa to flush. 
InCharge Portable Battery Pack til iPhone/iPod 1200mAh – En transportabel og genopladelig batteripakke til opladning af iPhones og iPods. Denne gadget til iPhone er en superoplader, der kan oplade to enheder på een gang
Screen sizes available: 55-inch, 65-inch | Tuner: Freeview Play | 4K: Yes | HDR: Yes (HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision) | Panel technology: OLED | Smart TV: WebOS 3.5 | Curved: No | Dimensions: 1230 x 750 x 217mm (W x H x D) | 3D: No | Inputs: Four HDMIs, three USBs, 2 x RF input, Ethernet port, optical digital audio output, PCMCIA slot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Float Away Your Worries Are your pool parties slightly boring? Would your friends rather go to the local community pool rather than hang out at yours? Well, not anymore! This giant pink flamingo pool float will soon have everyone raving about your awesome pool and how…
Smacircle, based in Shenzhen, China, claims it’s built the world’s most compact and lightweight foldable eBike. Weighing in at roughly 15 pounds (6.8 kg), the bike can be folded into a small and locked using your phone.
When the Windows PowerShell window opens copy the line below and paste it into the PowerShell window by simply right-clicking at the blinking PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> prompt, or by pressing [Ctrl] + [V] on the keyboard:
Galleri: 12 gratis superværktøjer til at styre dit liv på nettet Galleri: Her har vi de vilde udviklere i Microsoft-land Galleri: Se Googles billige tablet Galleri: Her er verdens vildeste computere Galleri: Sådan bliver du snydt og bedraget på Facebook
The Ultimate DIY Tesla Kit If you’re fascinated by the idea of electricity, or you’ve idealized Tesla for as long as you can remember, you might enjoy the Tesla coil kit. It’s a DIY model that actually works, and it’s more than it appears to be. Whether you’re new to…

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