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Galleri: Her er 10 af de bedste sikkerheds-sites fra hele verden Galleri: Sådan har Linux ændret udseende gennem tiden De 50 bedste gadgets og tech-produkter i år Ønsk dig nu en ordentlig julegave – få inspiration her Galleri: Disse Linux-distributioner bør du holde øje med i 2014
The X11[6] windows system ‘Intrinsics'[7] also defines gadgets and their relationship to widgets (buttons, labels etc.). The gadget was a windowless widget which was supposed to improve the performance of the application by reducing the memory load on the X server. A gadget would use the Window id of its parent widget and had no children of its own
Maintenance When the device slides shut, a builtin sterilizing surface cleans the sampling pad. (It’s meant to be replaced periodically.) To avoid possible breakdowns, Kernel has no moving parts. It needs be charged only every two weeks.
I denne artikel har vi valgt at holde fokus på de praktiske, og dermed måske lidt kedelige gadgets, men de kan gøre en kedelig køretur langt mere behagelig. I vores næste magasin d.1 november vil vi fokusere på skøre gadgets!
Camping is a great way to get some fresh air and to take a break from the bustle of everyday life. Indulging in the beauty and scenery of nature has traditionally meant going without modern conveniences. Not anymore. A group of clever individuals came together and…
Chinese gadget manufacturers are constantly closing the gap between big brand technology firms. Matching them in component quality, device speed, and quality of materials. You can look at a lot of Chinese electronics as copies. Another way to see it is that they are learning and catching up with how to produce the best electronics gadgets and quality devices.
Hvis du er en rigtig bil-freak, så ved du uden tvivl hvem Michelin Manden er! Og nu kan du selv eje en! Denne super fede Michelin Mand er hele 20 cm. høj og sidder (selvfølgelig) på dæk af samme mærke. Så nu kan du give dit værksted eller værelse den sidste detalje, så folk aldrig mere er i tvivl om at du elsker biler! Info: Antal: 1 stk. Model/Mærke: Michelin Mand Materiale: Plastik Vægt: 250gram Dimension: Længde: 125mm Bredde: 155mm Højde: 200mm Bemærk: – Kun til inddørs brug!
En du træt af at se film på en lille tabletskærm, kan du glæde dig til Lenovos nye tablet. Den har nemlig en indbygget projektor, der gør det muligt at skyde billedet op på væggen i ikke mindre end 70 tommer. Den har også gode JBL-højttalere med Dolby Atmos-teknologi, så du skabe din egen biograf, uanset hvor du er.
Look around your house and just about everything you see can be controlled digitally through WiFi or Bluetooth nowadays. Temperature, security, door locks, lights, coffeemakers, even vacuums can now be controlled remotely and more and more you are seeing creative ways to mount tablets around the house to control these items. Now, with Amazon and Google making a big push into your house with Alexa and Google Home, this trend of making everything smart home devices is sure to continue and grow.
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Lovlig mobilsnak under kørslen kræver et håndfrit Bluetooth-højttaler- og mikrofonsæt. Jabra Drive kan klipses på solskærmen. Enheden opretter automatisk forbindelse, hver gang du kommer ind i bilen. Og du skal blot trykke på den store brugervenlige knap på højttalertelefonen i bilen for at besvare opkaldet. Du kan også overføre og nyde musik, podcasts og GPS-anvisninger, og to Bluetooth-enheder kan tilsluttes samtidig.
Et af de få produkter, der stadig sælges mange af, er smartphones. Men producenterne slås enten om at lave de mest overkommelige mobiler, hvor konkurrencen fra Kina er hård, eller om at lave mest veludstyrede luksusmodeller, som så også koster derefter.
Choice paralysis is something that you may or may not have heard of, but you’ll definitely have been affected by. It’s the thing that happens when you’re given so many options that you end up not being able to make a decision at all. 
Gather up all of your scented candles and oils and throw them in the garbage. Feel better? If not, you may be interested in Moodo’s Wi-Fi-connected, Alexa-supported scent machine that can make your home smell like an ashram spa or beach party. 
Bil gadgets – se her.Coolpriser.dk er ikke bare smartphone- og tabletudstyr. Vi har også et stort udvalg af gadgets og således også gadgets til din bil. De fleste nyttige og enkelte mere for sjov. I den fornuftige afdeling finder du den handy dækmåler. Og det er en god ide at have en af vore advarselslamper i bilen, hvis uheldet skulle være ude. Til dine drikkevarer og snacks har vi den smarte mad- og drikkeholder, og til rengøringen finder du den kraftige bilstøvsuger. Bilemblemer til alle kendte bilmærker har vi også. Og hvis du skal bruge en biloplader til din smartphone, finder du den selvfølgelig også her. Der er nok at vælge imellem. Tjek udvalget af gadgets til bilen og bestil allerede i dag.
Galleri: Her er 12 gadgets du aldrig får råd til Galleri: Sådan bliver det Fælles Medicinkort testet Galleri: De bedste og smarteste etuier til din iPad Galleri: Så meget tjente it-branchens topfolk i 2010 Her er alle tiders bedste Commodore 64-spil
Galleri: Besøg et hemmeligt og topsikret datacenter sammen med CRN Galleri: Her er de frækkeste nyheder i Apples nye styresystem Sådan bygger Foxconn HP-servere på tjekkisk mega-fabrik Galleri: Googles gravplads – 15 projekter, søgegiganten har slået ihjel Sådan ser den næste Office-pakke ud
The Solution: You can transform lives with just 10 watts if you can provide it at any time—that’s enough to power a tablet, a refrigerator, and lights for studying at night. But how do you deliver that energy to the 1.2 billion
Flic is an interesting connected home gadget. The button can be placed on a wall or other surfaces and, once pressed, can be programmed for a variety of purposes. One click, two, three, or hold — each one can be selected to do anything from sending a text to someone, dim your smart lights, turn the music up, and more.
En af undersøgelserne viste, at et højt forbrug af netop peberfrugt kan knyttes til mindre risiko for Parkinsons. Resultatet viste, at dem, der spiste peberfrugt mindst to gange om ugen, havde en 30 procent lavere risiko for at udvikle Parkinsons.
I know what you’re thinking: A router?! I have no clue if it’s any good, but this geometric orb, available in gold or silver, certainly doesn’t look like a piece of networking technology. It also offers real-time network security for every device connected to it.
In a nice change from all the army of smart devices which expect you to make conversation, this Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-connected motion sensor recognizes gestures to control the troops. But if you like the choice between waving and chatting, the company will also be offering a Bixi 2 with voice support.
Introducing The DoxieBall Admit it, when you throw wadded up paper at the trash can, you pretend you’re the greatest player the NBA has ever seen. You fist pump the air when you make it, and you look around nervously to make sure no one saw you when you miss. If it…
Watching the bicyclists speed down New York streets while staring at their phones is scary enough. Integrating a 4-inch Android touchscreen into the bicycle for navigation, music playback and walk-talkie talking to other people not watching where they’re going, as LeEco has done, is just asking for trouble. But useful!
This is the ballpoint pen with a built-in cable that connects a smartphone to a computer for convenient charging. The pen can be used to sign off on delicate business matters and, at moment’s notice, it converts into a charging cable by simply twisting the barrel apart, revealing a Lightning or micro USB adapter (both included and interchangeable) on one end and a USB adapter on the other that plugs into a computer.
Endelig oprettet med succes: Sådan ser vejen til den digitale postkasse ud 12 fede singleplayer pc-spil Her udvikler IBM fremtidens computerchips Den store kirkegård: Disse fede Microsoft-produkter er lagt i graven for altid Se billederne: Her er alle de nye Apple-produkter
One more thing to remember is that geeky gadgets can give rise to technical questions before sales. As a good seller, you should answer your customer’s questions promptly. To help you do this it is a good idea to get samples of what you are selling. Then you can familiarize yourself with the new technology.
Hauling your luggage around an airport is very 2017. We are now in 2018, however, and this year we finally get a chance to buy a hands-free, autonomous carry-on suitcase that will follow you anywhere at a max speed of 7 mph (11 kph).

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