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Viele Autofahrer möchten sich mit PACE über die aktuelle Performance des Autos informieren. Der Smartphone-Halter von PACE passt sich dabei jeder Situation an. Die flexible Einstellung fasst Geräte bis zu 6 Zoll und ermöglicht über das Kugelgelenk eine horizontale oder auch vertikale Darstellung.
Der RIG 4VR von Plantronics richtet sich an Besitzer der Playstation VR. Der neue Gaming-Kopfhörer ist für Sonys Virtual-Reality-Brille konzipiert. Das Design des Headsets soll den Sitz der VR-Brille nicht beeinträchtigen. Die Ohrmuscheln des RIG 4VR sind belüftet. Damit hört der Nutzer etwa Geräusche aus seiner Umgebung. Das Mikrofon bietet aktive Geräuschunterdrückung und ist abnehmbar. Der RIG 4VR funktioniert auch mit anderen Konsolen sowie an Computern und Smartphones. Er kostet 70 Euro. weniger
Did we mention we love a strong cup of coffee here at Fortune? This machine promises a hotter brew, which is key for proper extraction, and a simple interface that won’t challenge you when it’s far too early to wake up. “I cannot live without my Cuisanart 12-cup auto-drip coffee maker, filters, and a full supply of Peet’s French Roast coffee,” photography director Mia Diehl says. really else matters!”
The appeal of Amazon’s top-of-the-line e-reader isn’t hard to discern: It has thousands of books at its disposal, it’s light, portable, the battery lasts seemingly forever, and the night-light solves a key issue with older e-readers. “I love that it’s ad-free, dedicated to a single purpose, and connects me instantly to the world wide web of reading,” Fortune editor-at-large David Whitford says.
Beim Frederique Constant E-Strap handelt es sich um eine Schließe mit Lederarmband, die mit Smart-Technologie ausgestattet und mit jeder analogen Uhr kompatibel ist. Dadurch wird jede Uhr zur Smartwatch. Eigenschaften des E-Straps sind Aktivitätsüberwachung, Schlaferfassung, Schlafphasenwecker, Inaktivitätsalarm, Dynamisches Coaching, Cloud Back-up und Wiederherstellung. Der Akku soll bis zu sieben Tage halten. Das smarte Armband kostet zwischen 249 und 299 Euro.
Wer nicht auf Selfie-Sticks steht (und wer tut das schon), der darf voraussichtlich ab April 2017 neue Wege beschreiten. Denn die AirSelfie Camera soll als erste fliegende Selfiecam für eine Revolution im Selbstablichtungs-Segment sorgen. Die kleine Kamera ist in einen Handycover-Aufsatz integriert und eigentlich eine Miniatur-Drohne. Die fliegt bis zu 20 Meter hoch und eignet sich für Foto- (5 Megapixel) und Videoaufnahmen (1080p Full HD) gleichermaßen.
Introducing The DoxieBall Admit it, when you throw wadded up paper at the trash can, you pretend you’re the greatest player the NBA has ever seen. You fist pump the air when you make it, and you look around nervously to make sure no one saw you when you miss. If it…
You must forgive us for having exacting standards: We drink an awful lot of coffee here at Fortune headquarters. This Bonavita kettle allows you to specify the temperature of your water, making for more exacting coffees and teas. Though it was first introduced in 2012, it’s as good as new for Fortune associate photo editor Neil Harris: “Now I can really nerd out when I’m making good coffee at home.”
Krijg een inzicht van je routines & leefpatroon Breng je gehele dag & nacht in kaart Houdt calorieën, bewegende stappen en afstand bij Onthoud je trainingsgegevens Tijd, datum & temperatuur weergave Silent alarm & slaapanalyse Stappenteller Calorieën monitor & distance tracker Waterproof (spat waterdicht)
It’s niche, but the Sprout G2, with its integrated 3D and 2D scanners, is perfect for product designers, CGI creators and other folks who can benefit from incorporating 3D models into their workflow. It’s also got a stylus-enabled touch mat that acts as a second screen.
Speaking of privacy filters, a good friend of mine recently had his stolen from his desktop at work. Solution? A secret squirrel spy cam, of course. This rather pricy model is an air purifier that doubles as a spy cam with all sorts of value-added functionality, such as the ability to connect to it remotely so you can see what’s going on in real-time. This would also be great for busting anyone who tries to steal any of your awesome office gadgetry! Sure, you could buy most of the things on this list multiple times over before justifying the cost of this spy cam, but being able to actually bust someone would make the purchase totally worth it. // Source
While it sounds like something Batman would be called upon to save the world from, Brunton’s Hydrogen Reactor is actually an innocuous, albeit robust, deliverer of power to portable devices. It’s a piece of scientific…
Op CES komen elk jaar weer allerlei gadgets voorbij die interessant zijn voor de Apple-liefhebber. Apple zelf presenteerde overigens geen producten op de beurs, al was het bedrijf stiekem wel aanwezig.
Anschlussprobleme beim MacBook Pro oder anderen Geräten will das Thunderbolt 3 Dock von  Elgato lösen. Das Dock bietet Buchsen für einen Display Port, Gigabit-Ethernet, drei Mal USB 3.0, zwei Mal Thunderbolt 3 via USB-C sowie zwei 3,5-Millimeter-Klinkenstecker für Mikrofon… mehr
When expressing an interest in obtaining additional information about the Services or registering to use the Services, IEC requires you to provide personal data, such as name, company name, address, phone number, and email address (“Required Contact Information”). When purchasing the Services, IEC may require you to provide financial qualification and billing information, such as, but not limited to, billing name and address, birth year, credit card number, and the total number of employees within the organization that will be using the Services (“Billing Information”). IEC may also ask you to provide certain optional additional information, such as, but not limited to, company annual revenues, number of employees, or industry (“Optional Information”). Required Contact Information, Billing Information, and Optional Information are referred to collectively as “Data About Customers” in the case of Customers, “Data About Visitors” in the case of Visitors, and “Data About Attendees” in the case of Attendees. Pursuant to this Policy, “Data About Customers”, “Data About Visitors”, and “Data About Attendees” may include personal data.
If you like physical calendars that are sure to draw attention, then stop spending your money buying the cute kitten calendars year-after-year and start considering this masterpiece: an elegantly-designed calendar that’s filled with magic (see: magnets and metal). One of these would compliment a Newton’s cradle quite nicely, no? // Source
This is artificial intelligence that’s entirely designed for your car. Because your smart phone might miss a few things depending on the conditions of the car, like how to drive in a dust storm, you can use Dashbot by simply sticking it on your dash and plugging it into your cigarette lighter. Once your smartphone has been hooked up to it, it’s ready to play the latest podcasts, take you to the nearest gas station and get your rerouted when there’s been a change of plans. It also means that you’ll spend less time handling your phone. While this gadget won’t come out until later this year, it’s definitely one to look into. Selling at just under $50, it’s an affordable way to stay safe.
Heeft u altijd last van de oortjes van de zonnebril, en wil u uw zonnebril gemakkelijk kunnen opbergen? Dan is de deze zonnebril echt iets voor u. Het heeft geen pootjes aan de zijkant en u kunt de zonnebril gemakkelijk oprollen om weg te bergen in heel klein plekje.

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