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Dealsmachine is a leading global online store specializing in the very latest in innovative gadgets, cool tech, cell phones, tablet PCs, Apple accessories and much more. With well over 100,000 of the most popular products and new arrivals added daily, all at the very lowest online prices, discover the world of Dealsmachine.
Apple’s latest smartwatch finally lets you leave your phone at home. Since it supports LTE, you can receive calls and texts on your wrist even when your phone is out of range. The third-generation Apple Watch also brings a faster processor and a new barometric altimeter for measuring activities like the numbers of stairs you climb. The Apple Watch isn’t meant to replace your phone, and just about anything you would usually use your phone for is better on a larger screen. But the freedom to leave your phone at home when you step out to walk the dog or go on a run may be just enough to persuade smartwatch skeptics that the Apple Watch is worth considering, especially for athletic types.
Größtes Manko: Damit Cozmo wach bleibt, muss die App ständig aktiv bleiben. Das saugt nicht nur den Handy-Akku schnell leer, sondern ist auch ziemlich nervig. Oft war Cozmo so witzig, dass wir die Situation am liebsten fix aufnehmen wollten. Doch beim Wechsel zur Kamera-Funktion des Smartphones beendet Cozmo sofort seine Aktion und schläft ein. Ärgerlich!
Everyone wants an Ultra HD 4K TV! Yes, okay, we all know there isn’t much 4K source material to properly showcase the stunning picture quality, but Netflix has at least started to offer 4K content. There could also still be a 4K Blu-ray format later this year, and before you know it there’ll be test transmissions and perhaps even a 4K TV channel from Sky or the BBC. It’s all about future-proofing, though there’s slightly more to it than that; some of the first batch of Ultra HD TVs pump out best-ever Blu-ray images, thanks to some wonderfully adept upscaling tech. The birth of 4K could also lead to the re-birth of 3D – it just looks so much better at this higher resolution. The big stumbling block – as always – is money, but already there are relative bargains to be had and, better still, some sumptuous designs stuffed with new innovations. The race for 3840×2160 pixels is on. Read: 10 best 4K TVs in the world today
Een klein budget? Wij hebben voor u een selectie gemaakt van onze goedkopere gadgets. Ook deze kunnen we voor u bedrukken met een logo. Neem voor meer informatie over deze artikelen contact op met onze medewerkers via de chat of door te bellen naar 0348 71 111.
Sony took one of our favorite LCD TVs of 2017 and supersized it. The monstrous 85-inch X900F sticks with its predecessor’s full-array local dimming LED backlight and adds Dolby Vision high dynamic range compatibility.
When big and bulky Blu-ray players first appeared on the shelves nearly 10 years ago they were all about high definition. Back then, simply getting HD content into your HD-ready TV was the hottest ticket in town – and it came at a high price. Those first-gen players are buried in the distant past now, leaving us with super-slim machines with loading times in single figure seconds, 3D Blu-ray playback, 2D-to-3D conversion, apps, streaming to and from smartphones and tablets, home networking, and upscaling to Ultra HD 4K resolutions even before Ultra HD TVs are common. Here are 12 of the best Blu-ray players to help you make your buying decision! Read: 12 best Blu-ray players 2014
Wer schaut schon gern in die Bedienungsanleitung des Autos? Mit PACE weißt du immer, wie es deinem Auto geht und wie du kleine Probleme auch ganz einfach selbst lösen kannst. Stecke dafür einfach den PACE Link in die OBD2-Schnittstelle deines Autos und lade dir die PACE App herunter. PACE bietet noch viel mehr Features, die dich beim Fahren unterstützen. Neben dem Tankstellenfinder sorgen u.a. der Spritspartrainer für niedrigen Verbrauch und das elektronische Fahrtenbuch für beste Übersicht über absolvierte Fahrten.
Androidnutzer können mit Logitechs neuen Zero-Touch-Smartphonehalterungen ihr Telefon während der Fahrt ohne Berührung bedienen. Legt man ein Smartphone ein, starten eine Android-App. Sie erlaubt Anrufe, das Verfassen und Abhören von Textnachrichten während der Fahrt, außerdem können… mehr
Tivoli Audio setzt bei seinen zwei neuen Multiroom-Lautsprechern auf Klangkörper aus Echtholz: Die beiden Modelle mit den Namen Orb und Cube verbinden sich per Bluetooth mit Abspielgeräten. Über WLAN lassen sich mehrere der Lautsprecher zu einem Multiroom-System koppeln. Bespielt werden können die Boxen etwa per App mit Musik aus dem Heimnetzwerk oder von Streaming-Anbietern. Der Orb hat eine kreisrunde Form, misst im Durchmesser 23 Zentimeter und kostet 249 Euro… weniger
8.1. Customer will defend IEC against any claim, demand, suit or proceeding made or brought against IEC by a third party alleging that Customer Data, Customer Content, or Customer’s use of any Service in breach of these Terms of Use and the applicable License Agreement, infringes or misappropriates such third party’s intellectual property rights (a “ Third Party Intellectual Property Claim Against IEC”), and will indemnify IEC from any damages, reasonable attorney fees and costs finally awarded by a court of competent jurisdiction against IEC as a result of, or for any amounts paid by IEC under a court-approved settlement of, a Third Party Intellectual Property Claim Against IEC, provided IEC promptly gives Customer written notice of the Third Party Intellectual Property Claim Against IEC, and gives Customer all reasonable assistance, at Customer’s expense.
Kids are nosey beings, aren’t they? Ever catch your child reading your mail? I have. Many times. If you’re like me, you want to keep all of your financial papers away from your children as to not give them something else to worry about. When you’re done with your financial paperwork, take it all to the AmazonBasics Paper Shredder. It is an essential gadget for privacy, especially if you have a home office. Instead of leaving the papers on a desk or in a folder somewhere, just shred it up and get rid of it for good.
Ein Jahr lang hatten die Nutzer von Windows 7 und Windows 8.1 die Möglichkeit, gratis auf Windows 10 umzusteigen. Wer diesen großzügig bemessenen Zeitraum versäumt hat, muss jetzt Geld für das neueste Betriebssystem von Microsoft zahlen. Oder existieren doch noch Tricks für ein kostenloses Windows 10?
Soms heb je voldoende aan een klein scherm, soms niet. Dat euvel tackelt Razer met Project Valerie: een laptop met twee uitvouwbare 17-inch schermen. Het product zit nog in conceptfase, maar ziet er wel veelbelovend uit.
Like Dropbox, Google Drive allows you to store and sync files across multiple devices. The difference: Drive has editing software baked right in, so you can create, modify and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations extremely easily. “The fact that my wife and I can share spreadsheets and edit them independently, wherever we are, has made so many otherwise mind-numbing tasks so much easier,” Fortune deputy art director Michael Solita says. “It helped save our sanity while tracking our wedding guest list, managing addresses, and thank you cards. We still use it year-round to track our monthly budget and expenses.”
Gallium: Melting our Hearts Away Gallium is a rare earth metal that was first predicted to exist in the future by Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev who is also the father of the periodic table. This is a metal that doesn’t exist in pure form in the natural world….
The Nintendo controller backpack. Re-live you’re old school gaming days with this super sweet Nintendo bag that’s design is based off that of the old NES controllers from way back. This stylish backpack even has a dual zip closure with each of the pulls being…
Revealing itself to the world at CES last year, Gogoro turned a lot of heads. So why is it notable again in 2016? Because the ambitious scooter company has done what most tech startups fail to do — deliver on its promises. In 2015, Gogoro sold 4,000 of its electric scooters in Taipei, Taiwan. The effort meant installing more than 125 battery-swapping stations to facilitate more than 2,000 battery swaps per day. For its next feat, Gogoro is looking to expand its strategy away from Asian mega-cities to bring its app-enabled mopeds to other metro areas around the world.
It’s a little more even in the PS4 vs Xbox One debate now that E3 2014 has come and gone and we’re seven months into the next-generation of video games. Sure, Sony’s new console is ahead, pushing toward 8 million systems sold compared to Microsoft’s 5 million shipped to stores number. But those are sales statistics. Read: PS4 vs Xbox One: which is best?
Ook het geven van een premium is zeer effectief. Geef leuke premium gifts bijvoorbeeld weg op beurzen, open dagen, workshops of andere evenementen. Dit zijn vaak simpele gadgets die altijd bruikbaar zijn voor de ontvanger. Enkele voorbeelden zijn bedrukte aanstekers, sleutelhangers, of keycords. Aanstekers blijven vaak lange tijd liggen in huis. Dit zijn artikelen die ervoor zorgen dat u langere tijd top-of-mind blijft.
Zowies Gaming-Maus FK1+ kommt mit zwei Meter langem USB-Kabel und einem unauffälligen schwarzen Äußeren. Im Inneren der Fünftastenmaus (vier Schalter plus Mausrad) steckt ein optischer Sensor, dessen Empfindlichkeit per Knopfdruck von 400 bis 3200 dpi geregelt… mehr
That’s why we review the specific products we do, while offering a veritable smorgasbord of helpful buying guides and product round-ups to help you find the cool gadgets, perfect play things and workplace wonders.
All Chinavasion devices with mains power adapters will work in all countries. And Chinavasion offers all mains charger cables in EU plug type, and we provide you a free travel plug adapter for USA, UK, or Australian standards. According to your delivery order address. All our adapters are capable of working in both 110V and 240V regions (auto switching) unless indicated otherwise. We can offer further customization of power adapter and plug types on electronics for bulk wholesale buyers on inquiry.
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For home lighting enthusiasts, Phillips Hue may very well be the holy grail. They’re just as bright as the traditional 50 watt bulb, but more versatile, capable of emitting virtually any color with an iOS or Android app. And because they’re LED, they use 80% less power and last up to 15 years. is a gift guide of products handpicked from retailers, designers, concept artists, crowdfunding campaigns and individuals all over the Internet. We do not sell anything, but instead find cool new products on other sites and present them in our own style. We have 7,575 products for you to gawk at and pick through above and do a new giveaway each week for members.
Er sieht aus wie ein Toaster, ist aber ein Hybrid aus Tablet und Beamer. Der Xperia Projector von Sony projiziert eine Android-Benutzeroberfläche auf Flächen wie Tische oder Wände. Der so erzeugte virtuelle Bildschirm soll sich über Berührungen, Gesten und Sprachbefehle bedienen lassen. Noch ist das Gerät in einer Testphase. Der Xperia Projector soll voraussichtlich im Laufe des Jahres auf den Markt kommen. Wann genau, steht aber noch nicht fest. weniger
Beim Frederique Constant E-Strap handelt es sich um eine Schließe mit Lederarmband, die mit Smart-Technologie ausgestattet und mit jeder analogen Uhr kompatibel ist. Dadurch wird jede Uhr zur Smartwatch. Eigenschaften des E-Straps sind Aktivitätsüberwachung, Schlaferfassung, Schlafphasenwecker, Inaktivitätsalarm, Dynamisches Coaching, Cloud Back-up und Wiederherstellung. Der Akku soll bis zu sieben Tage halten. Das smarte Armband kostet zwischen 249 und 299 Euro.

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