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Samsung’s newest smart refrigerator recommends recipes based on your family’s food preferences, allergies and, thanks to the integrated cameras, the ingredients you have on hand. And the new Deals app saves sale-priced groceries to your shopping list.
Wenn du in der Lage bist, einen kaputten Autoreifen selbst zu reparieren, ist das schon mal die halbe Miete. Aber selbst aufpusten wirst du ihn sicher nicht können. Deshalb gibt es für unterwegs den Fix-A-Flat*, der deinen platten Reifen ganz einfach aufpustet.
Bring The Moon To Your Bedroom If you’ve ever wanted to fall asleep by the light of the moon without sleeping outdoors, now you can. The moon wall lamp by Uncle Milton lets you enjoy the shining beauty of the moon while it hangs majestically on your wall. Both kids…
Sie möchten wichtige Telefonate festhalten? Kein Problem: Mit speziellen Apps kann man Unterhaltungen übers Smartphones mitschneiden und abspeichern. Hierbei gilt es allerdings wichtige Dinge zu beachten.
Essentially a weird-looking, kitchen-centric Amazon Echo with a projector (it’s a Magic 8-Ball for the 21st century), the Egg not only looks up receipes you ask for, but projects step-by-step videos to help you make them. There’s a similar concept assistant from Bosch, but it’s not nearly as goofy looking, which is part of Hello Egg’s charm. If it rolls its eye at my cooking skills, though, it’s gonna end up scrambled.
Nintendo’s new Wii aims to improve on the previous version with new, innovative ways to play. A tablet-like touchscreen acts as a controller that can work in concert with displayed on the screen. Online services, including a system for watching TV through the console, rounds out the device.
The stealthiest flask ever made. People sometimes tend to get the wrong idea when they see you stumbling around with a flask in your hand… particularly when you’re doing things like sitting in your cubicle at work, reading a book in the library or waiting at a bus…
In choosing the best printer your first decision is whether to go for a standard printer, or a multi-function device which includes a scanner and which can also work as a standalone copier. These aren’t much larger than regular printers, but they’re a whole lot more versatile, especially when you need to keep a copy of a letter, a bill or any other important document, so our first list includes the best inkjet printers and best multi-function devices. You should also think carefully about whether to invest in an inkjet or a laser. Lasers are usually associated with office environments, where they produce sharp, smudge-free printouts quickly, quietly and economically, but this can be just as useful at home or in a home office. Read: 16 best printers 2014
For those who see Apple’s iPhone as Goliath, Samsung’s Galaxy SIII plays David. The super slim smartphone offers top of the line technology all across the board. Plus, Samsung’s marketing strategy — which includes clever jabs at the iPhone — has been nothing short of ingenious.
Brush teeth, kill monsters, prevent cavities. Wait, go back one. The Magik smart toothbrush uses computer vision technology, motion tracking and your phone’s front-facing camera to power an augmented reality gaming app. Sounds like fun.
Der Koffer, der nicht mehr verloren gehen kann, heißt es auf der Website des Herstellers. Dabei hat der smarte Koffer noch viel mehr auf dem Kasten: Einmal mit dem Smartphone (iOS, Android) verbunden, lässt sich das Gepäckstück von Bluesmart per App verschließen, tracken oder wiegen. Dank entsprechender Anschlüsse darf man auch sein iPhone aufladen. Kostenpunkt: 399 Dollar.
Libratones Track+ ist ein drahtloser In-Ear-Kopfhörer mit langer Akkulaufzeit und aktiver Geräuschunterdrückung. Nutzer können zwischen unterschiedlichen Geräuschprofilen namens CityMix wählen oder dem Gerät selbst die Auswahl des geeigneten Geräuschprofils überlassen…. mehr
We’ve included several items on this list that aren’t brand new for 2013, but this item is definitely old school. “It’s kind of shameful, but to be totally honest, this is my favorite piece of technology right now,” Fortune editor Ryan Bradley admits. Why? With large, physical buttons, it’s ridiculously simple to operate — especially when you’re making magic in the kitchen. “The fidelity can’t really be beat when you’re cooking.”
Zahle ganz einfach und bequem per Rechnung und überweise den Rechnungsbetrag innerhalb von 14 Tagen. Die Rechnung wird zeitgleich mit den bestellten Produkten an die von dir gewünschte Adresse gesendet. Falls die Zahlung nicht fristgemäss eingeht, werden automatische Zahlungserinnerungen versandt.
Nein, das ist keine offizielle Retro-Version des GameBoy von Nintendo, es handelt sich um den BittBoy. Der Mini-Handheld hat ein 2,2-Zoll-IPS-Display, einen 500-mAh-Akku und laut Hersteller 300 eingebaute Spiele. Dabei handelt es sich um emulierte NES-Titel, womit man sich in einer rechtlichen Grauzone bewegt. Per TV-Ausgang kann auch auf… mehr
For Fortune senior writer Jessi Hempel, 2013 was all about “watches, watches, watches!” At the top of that list is the Pebble Smartwatch, which will track your runs and get you the game score with equal aplomb. Pebble says the device will last five to seven days on a single charge and can go almost 100 feet underwater without issue. Not that you were planning on pushing those boundaries, right?
It’s undeniable that kids love dancing and music. And what better way to create an impromptu dance-off than with an easily connectable (and powerful) wireless speaker, like the Westinghouse Unplug Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This small speaker packs a punch, and connects easily and quickly to any Bluetooth smartphone or tablet. I use mine constantly to create a more musical environment for my children, like when we’re making dinner together or doing crafts.
Mit Immersit sollen Gamer künftig in der Lage sein, noch intensiver in das Spielgeschehen abzutauchen. Das System wird unter die Couch montiert und soll dann mit Bewegungen, Rotationen und Vibrationen die Spielwelt auf das Wohnzimmer übertragen. Funktionieren soll das Teil übrigens mit allen aktuellen Spielkonsolen und PCs. Auch die VR-Devices Oculus Rift und HTC Vive werden unterstützt. Die Kickstarter-Kampagne läuft, zu Preis und Release gibt es derzeit noch keine Infos.
ABS is a very common plastic used to make everything from carrying cases to toy building blocks. It’s a bit more flexible than PLA plastic and is known for being the better option for engineering parts and higher precision prints. ABS plastic is suggested for use in a well-ventilated area and also comes in a variety of colors. ABS can be quite flexible when printed thin (such as less than a 2.5mm or 0.1 inches thick).
Another trend is that more Chinese-born brands are starting to develop and increase a diverse range of new tech gadgets. China is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. It is home to many chip manufacturers so there’s a real entrepreneurial and creative atmosphere. This has seen the rise and rapid development of all kinds of new tech, such as 3D video glasses, drones, 3D Printers, camera equipment and laser gadgets.
Your Victims Wont Stand A Chance It’s time for an all out neighborhood water balloon war. The one way that you can make sure you take down your enemies is to have enough ammo. The only problem? It can take forever to fill enough water balloons to fight your foes. By…
Look at all that stress pent up inside of you. *Tsk, tsk* Such a shame. It’s unhealthy, you know, all that stress. Solution? Desktop punching ball. Basically, you form a fist, then you use momentum to CRUSH IT up against that ball. Ahhh… all better now! // Source

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    Wer im Winter oft von kalten Fingern geplagt wird und sich immer wieder über leere Smartphone Akkus ärgert, kann doppelt aufatmen: Die Powerbank Plus Heat von XLayer bietet bis zu zwei komplette Ladungen für aktuelle Smartphones und dient gleichzeitig als komfortabler Taschenofen. Die Kapazität beträgt 5200 mAh. Kostenpunkt: 19,95 Euro.
    MSI is well known for pushing out quality gaming hardware, and SteelSeries is also another name where gaming peripherals are always welcome. The two of them have come together to work on the all new Optix MPG series of curved gaming monitors which will now be supported by the SteelSeries Engine. Making use of five RGB zones right on the front of the monitor, gamers will be able to perform easy programming of lighting effects in the SteelSeries Engine in order to notify them of in-game timers, stats, cooldowns or Discord notifications.
    Zugegeben, dieses Regal ist wahrlich kein Schnäppchen* und kostet schon wesentlich mehr als so manches Auto eines PACE-Redakteurs. Dennoch finden wir dieses Original-911-Heckspoiler-Wandregal so wundervoll, dass wir es euch nicht vorenthalten möchten.
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    We’re living in an electronic twenty first century and these days you can buy all sorts of incredible electronics over the internet. There’s a lot of good stuff out there but there’s also a lot of “much of the same”.

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