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Maybe it’s just because I have two kids under the age of three and am pretty much always exhausted, but sleep tracking fascinates me. And this new system from Withings is one of the most interesting yet. The Withings Aura is two piece setup. There’s a mat that goes atop your mattress that detects movment — even breathing — and a base station that receives data and passes it on to a smartphone app. But it gets better.
Souvent, un rien peu changer beaucoup de choses. Et c’est aussi le cas en cuisine ! Vous allez voir que les petits objets suivants ont le pouvoir d’améliorer votre vie. Pourtant, ils ne sont pas compliqués ni encombrants, ils ont tout simplement été pensés à la perfection !
Presented in a space bathed in light that shows off the architectural heritage of this historic department store, our two floors of Homewares offer the best of elegant Left Bank style, on the The Home department is not available online, discover all our brands in store. 1st and 2nd Floors above La Grande Epicerie de Paris.
It may be hard to recall a time before ubiquitous digital cameras, but you no doubt have boxes full of reminders in the form of old 35-millimeter slides and film negatives. Wish you could easily convert those relics of the past into sharp digital images? Wish no more. This device does just that, negating the need for a conversion service. The way it works: it has a five-megapixel complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensor that provides 10 bits per color channel for data conversion and it uses fixed focus, automatic exposure control and color balance, resulting in digital images without loss of resolution. The device scans images up to 1,800 dots per inch (dpi) and uses three white light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a backlight source. It comes with a USB cable that plugs into a PC running Windows XP to transfer photos and includes software that allows you to edit, crop and resize your slides as well as convert your negatives into positives.
OK, so you know that somebody sitting in the same bar as you likes the Pixies, Firefly, the fantasy stylings of George R.R. Martin and the Atlanta Braves. Are you really just going to start waving around your smartphone to get their attention?
I got this humidifier that can attach to any water bottle and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever purchased. I use it during the winter when the heating system makes the air in my bedroom extremely dry at night. I’ve had it for four winters now and I love it! —mandyciampa
Product Description: This is a luxury gift for someone who is serious about improving their tennis game. Invest in this state-of-the-art ball machine that holds 250 balls and can fire them at you at 35-80mph every 2-9 seconds at different trajectories and directions. This ball machine also has a triple oscillation feature, three preprogrammed drills, random feed, and a random three-line function. This model is equipped with a Wi-Fi receiver; just download the free iPhone Remote Control App from iTunes to use your iPhone or iTouch device as the remote controller. Also available for Android.
As Artificial Intelligence improves, so too do voice-operated electronic assistants like Siri or Alexa. But they are also getting a bit more creepy – with reports of them laughing randomly at their…
Tiger gives Bond a cigarette capable of shooting a rocket-powered projectile accurately up to 30 yards. Used in Blofeld’s volcano to kill a technician standing by the entrance controls to enable his allies to storm the base.
If you’re looking for the perfect mobile accessory for your retro ’90s outfit, the Gemini clamshell is for you. Pure throwback on the outside, but all business on the inside with a 10-core processor, 64GB of storage and 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 
Welcome to the world of Bon Marché where we live life in color with bold patterns turned into beautiful, fun table settings, fashion accessories, home décor, and outdoor living spaces. Join us as we color the world happy.
A facility developed by Scaramanga during his apprenticeship with Hi-Fat which utilizes the solar power from the Solex Agitatior. Scaramanga had plans to sell it to the highest bidder before the facility was destroyed indirectly by Goodnight.
Chinavasion aims to add new products to the catalog each working day. Keep an eye on our New Products page for the latest gadget releases. You can subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you never miss a big launch.
Maintenant que le vendredi fou, le Cyber Monday, Noël et l’Après-Noël sont derrière nous, il est temps pour Amazon de faire les bilans. Cette année, le site de vente en ligne a expédié plus d’un milliard de produits dans le monde. C’est littéralement la meilleure année d’Amazon en 20 ans! nous avons appris quel était le produit le plus vendu dans le monde par Amazon en 2016. Attendez-vous à être surpris! Lire plus…
Equipped with a 120 kW e-motor, Hyundai estimates the Nexo’s prototype fuel cell powertrain, bolstered by three 700-bar hydrogen tanks and a 1.56 kWh lithium-ion battery, will get more than 350 miles per fill-up. Plus, the only emission it leaves behind is water vapor. We drove one here to Vegas — hit the Read More link to find out more.
Après des débuts réservés aux semi-professionnels du drone, DJI a décidé de partager son savoir sur de nombreuses gammes de produits. Après le Mavic Pro acclamé par la critique et le public, le Spark s’est imposé comme la référence en matière de drone en 2017. Compact, léger, ultra-polyvalent et équipé d’optiques stabilisées permettant de tourner des vidéos en 1080p, ce petit drone a tout pour lui… pour la moitié du prix de son grand frère.
One interesting new product called Flip is a digital white board meant to spice up office meetings. It’s a $2,700, 55-inch display with which multiple users can interact at the same time. It’s the kind of thing we could easily imagine working its way into classrooms down the road to compete with things like Smart Boards.
et ben voilà, on comprend pourquoi certains constructeurs ne veulent pas changer : ils disposent d’une rente m confortable, alors pourquoi innover ? D’autant qu’ils partent dans l’inconnu… mais ils prennent un risquee s’ils attendent trop, leurs marges ne vont pas se réduire simplement, ils vont disparaitre !

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