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The Regency’s pocket radio was the first consumer gadget powered by transistors, ushering in an age of high-tech miniaturization. A post-WWII innovation developed by Texas Instruments (which had been making devices for the Navy) and Industrial Development Engineering Associates (which previously put out television antennas for Sears), the $49.95, 3-by-5-inch, battery-powered portable was built on technology developed by Bell Labs. From the transistors that amplified the radio signal to the use of printed circuit boards that connected the components to the eye-catching design, many factors conspired to make the TR-1 a holiday must-buy after its November 1954 launch. And as revolutionary as all this tech was, it only scratches the surface of how the Regency — by ushering in truly portable communications — changed the world overnight.
(if installed on Windows 7 or 8 it will keep the old icon). Win+G now works in Windows 10 to switch between gadgets. (You can disable this in 8GadgetPack Tools if you want to use the game bar). 7 Sidebar now adjusts its style to the Win10 taskbar. The window-manager in the sidebar now supports the new virtual desktops in Windows 10 and hovering over a thumbnail to peek into a window works again. Fixed a crash that occured when using flyouts in certain gadgets (e.g. Launch Control). Added high-dpi support for these gadgets: Custom Calendar, Digiclock, Launch Control and My Weather. Added an option in 8GadgetPack Tools to disable/enable the sidebar (because many people don’t seem to realize that it is just a gadget).
Resolved an error message preventing to install when an uninstall previously went wrong. Added several gadgets and updated a few. New users will get a message now that the sidebar is closable and that gadgets still can be moved to the desktop.
Rule violators will be warned. Repeat offenders will be temporarily banned from one to seven days. An unheeded final warning will result in a permanent ban. This may be reversed upon evidence of suitable behavior.
Pour charger vite un supercondensateur, c’est pas le constructeur qui posera problème mais la puissance instantanée demandée au réseau. Et tu peux mettre toute la stratégie que tu veux, quand la physique s’en mêle, il n’y a que la magie qui permet de passer outre. Il y a un marché largement aussi important pour les véhicules bourrés de gadgets que pour les Dacia. D’ailleurs combien de Dacia sont vendues en version de base sans aucune option ? Les constructeurs l’ont bien compris et tout le monde y trouve son compte : l’acheteur qui a ses gadgets, et le vendeur qui… Lire la suite »
This device allows the user to enter a virtual environment with the assistance of four computerised columns, a special pair of sunglasses, and a special weapon. This training simulator is tested by 007. One such program contains a scenario in which MI6 Headquarters is attacked and the user must eliminate all threats as they see fit. Miss Moneypenny makes some recreational use of another version of the program, where she is romancing with James Bond over a desk.
An inexpensive upstart running Linux, Roku’s hockey-puck sized Netflix-and-more video streaming box emerged out of nowhere in 2010 to rally waves of cord-cutters who cancelled their cable. What its chunky remote lacked in features, the box more than made up for in software. While at first Apple struggled to rationalize its comparably barren Apple TV-verse, Roku was offering thousands of channels and the most partnerships with the biggest players. founders Isabelle Alix and Noémie Blanchard are trying to democratize leather leggings — by making them machine washable. Read more about the fashion startup on (✏️: Rosemary Feitelberg) #wwdfashion
PoliticsTim Berners-Lee: we must regulate tech firms to prevent ‘weaponised’ web — The inventor of the world wide web warns over concentration of power among a few companies ‘controlling which ideas are shared’ (
Bolas:[24] Thrown around the feet of Batman’s enemies to tie them with a composite-nylon cord. Often causes an escaping opponent to trip. With the push of a button in Batman’s glove it can deliver an electric shock.
It has a knife, bottle opener, scissors, Phillips head, flathead screwdriver, nail file, LED light, and a RETRACTABLE BALLPOINT PEN! All in a ridiculously compact form factor. I’m reasonably sure I’ll never have a set of keys without one of these on it ever again. —axj66
Seconde étude, celle de Taylor Nelson Sofres Intersearch, menée auprès de 1.500 adultes en novembre 2003. La question était de savoir quelle invention technique les sondés détestaient le plus mais dont ils ne pourraient se passer. 30 % d’entre eux ont évoqué le téléphone portable, juste devant le réveil matin et la télévision (respectivement 25 % et 23 %).
Not technically a gadget, but used as one when made available to Bond through Oddjob’s hat throwing. Bond grabs these recently cut live wire cables and electrifies the bar gates in which Oddjob’s Hat is stuck. Once Oddjob tries to pry off his hat stuck on the bars, Bond places the live wires on the gate electrocuting Oddjob to death.
Lorsque la voiture est bien pleine, les manteaux peuvent être encombrants. Afin de maximiser l’espace, fixez un petit filet au plafond  de votre voiture dans lequel vous placerez les manteaux. Ils seront ainsi faciles d’accès et ne prendrons pas beaucoup de place.
An AEC Regent III RT double decker bus with the top part torn off when driving through a low bridge, which was indirectly used to deter a San Monique police car. It should be noted that actress Jane Seymour performed her own stunts by sitting in the bus the entire time during the filming of the bus chase sequences.
Une caméra grand angle à 138 degrés diffuse une vidéo HD en streaming pour surveiller Minou toute la journée. Les options de partage de Petcube permettent également de connaître les bêtises des animaux d’autres personnes, à condition que leur Petcube soit défini sur « public ».
With 5G, wireless carriers envision an era of incredibly fast speeds that let smartphone users download a movie in less than five seconds — roughly 100 times faster than the current network technology, 4G. Even more important, 5G is expected to greatly reduce latency to let devices communicate with each other with extremely fast response times.
Do you have a creative flair or love to tinker with gadgets and electronics? Well, have a look at the mini cordless screwdrivers, rotary kits, and 3D pens. These gizmo gadgets and tools will help bring new creations to life. You can fix household appliances or inspire a range of creative new ideas. Chinavasion makes it affordable for you to grab these unique gifts that everyone will love to play with. So add them to your cart today.
Here you will find a savvy collection of the latest technology, kitchen accessories, and gadgets to tinker with. We strive to provide some of the coolest tech products on the web all in one convenient location. From nifty camping gear to iPhone accessories there is just tech for just about anyone. Maybe a fidget cube for the kids or a q-tip crossbow for the kid at heart. We search all around the web including Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Thinkgeek, and Amazon for the latest trends in tech.
Elle nous a généralement coûté une petite fortune et on aime à la bichonner… on peut difficilement se passer de notre voiture pour aller au travail, en vacances ou en balade. Considérant le temps que l’on peut parfois passer dedans (embouteillages,…), il est toujours bon d’avoir des accessoires automobile nous simplifiant la vie ou nous évitant de moins nous stresser. MGN est parti à la recherche du gadget voiture le plus original et utile et vous rapporte ce qu’il a trouvé dans la catégorie « Voiture ».
Japan’s Shinto religion holds that nearly every object in the world, animate or inanimate, has a spiritual essence. Therefore, anything can be blessed, from a newborn child to an automobile. Priests at the Kanda Shrine, which overlooks Akihabara—Tokyo’s mecca for consumer electronics—offer prayers for the well-being of gadgets.
Vous voulez un sommeil intelligent ? Dans ce cas, Sleep Number 360 peut vous aider. Le matelas intelligent de fabrication française est équipé de plusieurs capteurs et connecté à une application. Le lit peut notamment détecter les vous réchauffer les pieds ou incliner le matelas.
We all know that riding a motorbike can be a very exhilarating experience, when you have the cool breeze flying in your face as you zip by a gridlock of vehicles. Well, it goes without saying that wearing a helmet is of utmost importance in terms of safety, since your skull might be hard enough to handle some minor knocks, but a full-on collision? Good luck with that. Sena and Shoei have decided to bring together their respective fields of expertise by unveiling the Neotec II, an all-new motorbike helmet that is perfect for communications while you are on the road.
A sun worshipper—or not—but want to make sure you’re not overexposed to harmful ultraviolet rays? Good news: you can use this handy dandy monitor to check the most current UV index and temperature, while also calculating your recommended exposure time based on UV, sunscreen and your personal skin type.
This lightweight floral print jumper with three-quarter length sleeves is perfect for everyday wear. This print features tones of pink, green and ivory on a pale pink base. Wear with your favourite denim and pumps for a relaxed feel.
Yesterday was press day at CES, but now the show floor is open and the gadgets are spilling out all over the place. Here’s a rundown of some of the coolest new stuff to debut. Click here to see yesterday’s roundup!
Dans un monde en constant renouveau qui regorge de nouvelles technologies, les Smartphones et autres tablettes dominent l’affiche et vous proposent à peu près toutes les possibilités pour être disponible ou vous faciliter le quotidien ! Alors qu’ils ont l’air de tout pouvoir faire et de disposer de toutes les informations possibles et imaginables ils souffrent d’un manque de taille ! En effet ils se ressemblent tous et présentent peu de différences au niveau des fonctions ! Sur Idé trouvez les gadgets techniques qui comblent cette lacune et offrent à votre quotidien une bouffée d’air frais ! Faites le bonheur des fans d’objets high tech de votre entourage à l’occasion d’un anniversaire, une fête de noël ou le simple plaisir d’offrir ! 
Aujourd’hui, même la plus abordable des sous-compactes est plus luxueuse, plus confortable et plus sécuritaire que les grosses voitures «tout équipées» d’antan. Lorsqu’une nouvelle technologie apparaît, son coût de production très élevé explique que les constructeurs la proposent seulement sur leurs modèles les plus huppés.
Une application de plus en plus répandue: le sonar. Disposé en des points stratégiques comme les pare-chocs, le sonar fonctionne comme un radar. En calculant, grâce au retour des ondes, la distance qui sépare le véhicule d’un obstacle, il avertit le conducteur par l’entremise de sons aigus plus ou moins distancés, selon le degré de danger. Combien de pare-chocs ont été, et seront, ainsi sauvés! Le stationnement assisté demeure l’une des technologies les plus appréciées des meilleurs automobilistes.
Kino-mo’s Hypervsn Wall is getting a lot of attention here in Las Vegas. Made up of multiple propeller-looking modules adorned with programmable LEDs, the Wall creates holographic images up to 3 meters in size. 
Si vous souhaitez économiser des milliers d’euros et arrêter de payer pour la télé par câble ou par satellite, et que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre quelques chaînes lambda que vous n’auriez probablement même pas regardées, vous devriez essayer l’antenne HDAntenne.
Used for deep sea divers to help them decompress after diving in deep waters, this device was also used as a weapon of execution by Sanchez. Milton Krest’s ship, the Wavekrest, had one, and was used by Bond to frame Krest for stealing Sanchez’ money. Krest then found out the hard way how a Decompression chamber could be used as a weapon, as he was stuffed in it and Sanchez rapidly compressed and decompressed it, which caused Krest to messily explode everywhere.
Parfois, un petit écran suffit, parfois pas. Ce problème est résolu grâce à Razer avec Project Valerie : un ordinateur portable doté de deux écrans 17 pouces pliables. Ce produit est encore en phase de conception, mais s’avère très prometteur.

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    This cross body bag is ideal for daily wear. Featuring a zip fastening and internal pockets for your valuables and an adjustable strap, this bag is lightweight and perfect for adding a pop of colour to your outfit. Strap Length: 132cm fully extended.
    Oddjob, Goldfinger’s henchman, uses a special bowler hat with a metal ring inside the brim as a throwing weapon. The hat is capable of slicing through stone and metal or breaking a person’s neck when thrown hard enough.
    This comfortable dress is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, it provides a flattering fit in an easy wearing fabric and is lined for comfort. Style with a pair of sandals and a denim jacket for the perfect day time outfit or dress it up with heels for holiday evening glam.
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