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Standard wristwatch complete with several different gadgets ranging from lasers, communication devices, homing beacons, explosives, etc. Made standard to all 00 Agents and has aided and saved Bond in several dangerous situations. Former 00 Agent Alec Trevelyan also uses a watch similar to Bond’s. Ironically, in the novels Bond wore a Rolex Explorer, not a Submariner.[5]
The images were taken using an Android smartphone (Moto X Pure Edition) held up to a 28 mm (2 diameter) eyepiece on an 8 Dobsonian telescope. The only processing I did was to crop the images (and flip them to reverse the mirror image coming from the Dob). I used the Google Photos animation tool to make the animation, easy peasy.
The Typhoon H Plus is an upgraded version of Yuneec’s high-end drone and has a 20-megapixel camera that shoots 4K footage at 60 frames per second. It also costs $1,799, which puts it at the high end of the enthusiast market. The Firebird FPV is shaped like an airplane instead of a quadcopter. It can fly for 30 minutes on a charge and cost $699. The last drone is the HD Racer, which is built for speed. It’s only $179, but it features racing tech like low-latency video performance and an assisted mode for taking off after a crash.
• McDonald’s thought it would get a little of that social media love it had been hearing about in January when it created the #McDstories hashtag — asking customers to share their favorite McDonald’s memories. Then it found out what happens when you give the Internet open access to your advertising effort. McDonald’s yanked the campaign after just two hours and countless food-horror stories about fingernails, insects and bouts of food poisoning.
A l’image de Netflix, les entreprises qui fabriquent les gadgets les plus courus du moment sont florissantes, malgré la crise, et la plupart se situent dans la Silicon Valley : Apple, Palm, HP, Cisco (qui a racheté Pure Technologies, fabricant de la Flip) ou Intel semblent moins affectées économiquement que d’autres entreprises de la région. A cela s’ajoute l’espoir de trouver l’emploi de ses rêves grâce aux réseaux sociaux : il faut donc rester connecté… à tout prix !
Stay prepared no matter where you’re traveling with this window-mounted solar rechargeable power bank. Designed to get you out of a jam, it features a lithium-ion internal battery that can pro (Bottle Sketch Candle Holders)
And, like unskilled mafia warriors, Zynga shot itself in the foot again in March when it bought the company that makes mobile game Draw Something for an eye-popping $180 million. But fascination with Draw Something dropped off fast. When’s the last time you played?
Laissez la valise à la maison et optez plutôt pour une boîte à tiroirs. C’est définitivement plus rapide et simple de trouver ce que l’on cherche. Indiquez, à l’aide d’étiquettes, ce que contient chacun des tiroirs afin que ce soit encore plus efficace!
* This offer cannot be combined with any further discounts. Offer not valid on past purchases. One offer per customer. The offer applies to select products only. Free shipping is for standard ground service within Canada. Standard set up and minimum quantities still apply. Each order will also incur taxes and additional fees where applicable. All offers and pricing are subject to change without notice. No promo code required; all eligible discounts are applied. Offer expires March 1, 2018.
Conçu pour les amoureux des chats, Kittyo (249 dollars) permet aux propriétaires de surveiller leur félin, de lui parler et de jouer avec lui à distance. Les utilisateurs peuvent distribuer des friandises et même actionner un pointeur laser pour le divertir. Autre fonction amusante : filmer et partager des vidéos à l’aide d’une caméra et d’un haut-parleur intégrés.
Nanoleaf has unveiled a new square-shaped variation of its light panels. Now you can turn the panels on and off, dim them up and down, or change their color just by tapping on them. Yes, of course, there’s also a music sync microphone and motion sensor capable of lighting the panels up whenever you walk by. 
Votre maison regorge d’objets Geeks, mais vous n’en avez jamais assez. Si votre bibliothèque est déjà pleine de comics, votre chambre remplie de posters de vos super-héros favoris et de consoles de jeu, il y a toujours votre cuisine qui manque cruellement de gadgets Geeks. Après vous avoir dévoilé le top 40 des gadgets Geeks à avoir impérativement au bureau et le top 20 des gadgets qui vont révolutionner votre quotidien, on vous propose aujourd’hui de découvrir le top 20 des gadgets Geeks à posséder dans sa cuisine.
Samsung’s newest smart refrigerator recommends recipes based on your family’s food preferences, allergies and, thanks to the integrated cameras, the ingredients you have on hand. And the new Deals app saves sale-priced groceries to your shopping list.
Le kit Love is Art consiste en une toile et une bouteille de peinture. Avec cette peinture spéciale il suffit de s’en en enduire le corps et d’y aller comme des animaux en étant sur la toile. Une fois vos affaires terminées, vous obtenez votre propre création artistique unique… et une trace d’un bon moment à accrocher au mur. Attention aux questions que pourraient poser les visiteurs sur cet étrange toile.
Added a workaround to make gadgets stay visible when pressing Win+D or when using the Show desktop button under Windows 8.1. Fixed a bug that prevented access to gadgets by touch. Due to high demand, it is now possible to install 8GadgetPack on Windows 7. Improved startup reliability. Improved multi-monitor support in 7 Sidebar. Updated outdated gadgets and added a new gadget (that I made myself): Glassy Network Monitor.
WWD is taking its beauty coverage to a whole new level. You can now get the biggest beauty stories of the week in one place thanks to “Beauty Briefing.” Link in bio for more information. #wwdbeauty (📷: @kukukuba)
Its blocky 8-bit graphics looked nothing like the lavish, rousing illustrations on its game jackets, but the black-and-faux-wood Atari 2600 game console was the first gaming box to stir the imaginations of millions. It brought the arcade experience home for $199 (about $800 adjusted for inflation), including a pair of iconic digital joysticks and games with computer-controlled opponents–a home console first. It sold poorly in the months after its launch in September 1977, but when games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man arrived a few years later, sales shot into the millions, positioning Atari at the vanguard of the incipient video gaming revolution.
Ah, Nintendo. À l’heure où Sony et Microsoft se battent pour tenter d’aguicher les joueuses et les joueurs avec du 4K 60 FPS qui n’arrive quasiment jamais ou des labels audio pimpants, Nintendo sort une console aux caractéristiques modestes (lire : une Nvidia Shield) qui affiche du 720p et jusqu’à du préhistorique 1080p sur une télé et… qui cartonne.
Avant, les hommes devaient faire confiance à leurs notes manuscrites. La police technique et scientifique (PTS), service de pointe de la police nationale, dispose désormais d’une application sur tablette leur permettant de consigner l’intégralité des éléments recueillis sur une scène de crime. A leur arrivée, les hommes de la PTS photographient l’intégralité des lieux pour la figer. Des photos, une fois rassemblées, qui peuvent permettre de réaliser une visite virtuelle de la scène. Les scans des relevés et des scellés sont également consignés grâce à cette application. Dans les prochains mois, 12.000 policiers supplémentaires seront formés. 
j’ai pas la prétention de savoir où se trouvent les limites de la culture geek mais la plupart des objets présentés façon laredoute ne sont que des m*rdes en plastoque et sans grand intérêt (genre le pose couteau requin…) à moins que se soit devenue ça la culture geek, de la consommation bête et méchante…
The 17th International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD 2009) was held in Chicago, USA, September 22-25, 2009, and was attended by 91 participants from 19 countries. In response to the call for papers, the Program Committee received 79 s- missions. Each submission was reviewed by at least three Program Committee members. Following substantial discussions, the committee accepted 31 long – pers and 4 short papers. All authors received detailed reviewers’ comments. In a submission process, 10 posters were accepted. These were described during the conference, and displayedatthe conferencesite. Eachposter was also granted a two-page description in the conference proceedings. Two invited speakers, J anos Pach from EPFL Lausanne and R eny Institute, and Martin Wattenberg from IBM Research, gave absorbing talks during the conference. Prof. Pach looked at the class of string graphs, and tantalized us to consider why their properties are so mathematically beautiful. Dr. Watt- berg showed how sometimes twisting the standard rules of graph drawing can illuminate unexpected information contained in graphs. Keepingwithtradition, the symposiumhostedthe 15thAnnualGraphDr- ingContest, including aGraphDrawingChallengeforconferenceattendees.The contest elicited robust participation from the community with 27 submissions. These proceedings end with a detailed report of the contest. As always, the success of a conference such as this relies on the help of many people. Our thanks to the Program Committee and all of the external referees who worked so hard to sift for the best among the submitted papers. The OrganizingCommittee providedus with admirablefacilities, a ?ne banquet, andtookcareofsomanyotherdetailsthatitwashardtobelievetherewereonly threemembers: Jennifer McClelland, MichaelJ.PelsmajerandMarcusSchaefer.
Although not gadgets themselves, these pieces of evidence were used to track down Scaramanga. The first bullet, with Bond’s Double-O registry etched into it is later revealed to be sent not by Scaramanga or any of his contractors with a hit on Bond, but by Andrea Anders Scaramanga’s mistress herself as a way to lure Bond into killing her Lover/Employer Scaramanga and setting her free from his world. Sadly this does not work as she ends up accidentally exposing herself and becomes a victim of one of Scaramanga’s gold bullets. The Bellydancing Bullet came from another one of Scaramanga’s victims, that being Bill Fairbanks agent 002. Bond tracks down the dancer who used the bullet as a bellydancing stomach trinket that was lodged in the wall after it was used to murder Fairbanks.
Vous avez peut-être déjà entendu parler de cette tradition dans certains pays qui consiste à accrocher une chaussette ou une cravate à la poignée de porte lorsque vous avez besoin d’un peu de tranquillité.

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    SOPA? Nope-a – Congress may want to stop trying to regulate the Web for a while. When you make every major player on the Internet unhappy — which the Stop Online Piracy Act did — they will use the Internet to defeat you.
    Deloitte, the consulting firm, has been making a big push for smart cities. It envisions a future where a multitude of sensors work together to create a healthier, safer and more energy efficient town. Sensors in a river could detect pollution like leaks from chemical plants, and sensors that detect the sound of a gunshot could be used to alert the police, for example.
    Voilà qui devrait vous motiver à faire plus d’éxercice. Happy Ride est une petite couverture à placer sur la selle de votre vélo. Une fois activée ce discret gadget se mettra à vibrer quand vous roulerez. De quoi donner une toute autre tournure à ces bonnes vieilles balades en vélo.

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