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A broken piece of wood that is used to stop traffic. Bond uses this on one of the motorcycle assailants that have attempted to assassinate Melina Havelock by jamming it into the front wheel of the assailant’s motorcycle, causing the assailant to crash head first into a flower shop. Bond later tells the shopkeeper to send the flowers he just ordered to the funeral of the assailant.
I have an adapter for mounting my phone on a 1.25 telescope eyepiece but couldn’t get the entire Sun in the field of view that way, so I just held the phone by hand over a 2 eyepiece. The exposure was hit or miss, but you can nonetheless see sunspots in some of the frames.
Sur la plupart des boutiques en ligne, vous pouvez filtrer tous les produits d’une catégorie particulière selon des prix croissants ou décroissants. De cette façon, vous pouvez facilement trouver les articles les moins chers, mais aussi trouver ces produits dans une catégorie de prix plus élevés. Vous pouvez donc toujours décider à tout moment de prendre un gadget différent, même si vous avez d’abord eu les gadgets les moins chers à l’esprit. Une fonctionnalité, une forme ou quelque chose d’unique peut déjà être une raison pour opter pour une variante plus coûteuse.
“Thanks to Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata, we’re all gamers now,” went the headline of Wired’s obituary for Nintendo’s beloved president, who died last July. Nothing speaks to Iwata’s legacy more than the company’s game-changing Wii (pun intended). Nintendo’s tiny pearl-white box, released in 2006, and which users engaged with motion control wands, had moms and dads and grandpas and grandmas out of their seats and swinging virtual golf clubs or dancing. No game system has done more to illustrate the omni-generational appeal of interactive entertainment.
• Spike Lee was, like many Twitter users, angered by the killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Tweeting the home address of shooter George Zimmerman would have been questionable enough. But Lee mistakenly tweeted out the address of a couple who have a son by that name. They had to leave their home after being besieged by reporters and threats. Lee would later apologize and reach an agreement with the aggrieved family.
Hauling your luggage around an airport is very 2017. We are now in 2018, however, and this year we finally get chance to buy a hands-free, autonomous carry-on suitcase that will follow you anywhere at a max speed of 7 mph (11 kph).
Coffin like device with a false bottom that is used to pick up the recently deceased on the ground. Such was used on the murdered MI6 agent Hamilton, who was investigating a Fillet of Soul restaurant in New Orleans.
Our embroidered sleeve jumper is the perfect knitwear piece to create effortless style this autumn. Finished with a beautiful floral embroidery design along the sleeves, this lightweight jumper will look great worn with jeans and boots for a stylish weekend look.
Tous les produits et toutes les informations de fournisseur dans les langues autres que l’anglais sont affichées dans cette page traduit par l’outil de traduction automatique. Si vous avez des questions ou suggestions concernant la qualité de traduction automatique, veuillez nous envoyer un email. et ses filiales déclinent leur responsabilité pour toute garantie, directe ou indirecte pour des pertes liées aux informations de traduction automatique ou causées par une erreur technique de l’outil de traduction. Click to view the corresponding English site:gadgets in china
Le système multimédia est l’un des éléments clés de votre confort pendant les trajets. Aujourd’hui on ne se contente plus d’écouter la radio. Quitte à passer deux heures dans les bouchons, pourquoi ne pas en profiter pour écouter ses podcasts via son smartphone, écouter ses musiques favorites stockées sur une clé USB ou encore passer quelques coups de fil via le système mains libres Bluetooth. Ces fonctions finalement assez classiques aujourd’hui, le Parrot Asteroid les assure toutes… comme un bon nombre d’autoradios concurrents de marque Pioneer, JVC, Clarion ou encore Sony. On aurait pu aussi vous parler des systèmes compatibles Apple CarPlay et Google Android Auto, mais non seulement ces derniers ne sont pas encore là, et en plus ils n’en font pas autant que notre Asteroid Smart. Si ce modèle nous plaît particulièrement c’est qu’il fonctionne sous Android, ce qui permet d’y installer des applications en tout genre. Il est livré avec un logiciel de navigation (iGO) et des applis pour faire le plein à la station la moins chère ou encore trouver une place de stationnement, mais ce serait jouer « les prudes » que de dire que l’application Waze est un must. Il faudra évidemment partager la connexion de votre smartphone, car le Smart n’intègre pas de connexion data, mais cela vaut le coup… à condition d’avoir un forfait approprié.
Kohler’s new bathtub supports voice commands for water temperature and fill level, or tweaking via the company’s new Konnect app. And, of course, you can always adjust the tub’s hydrotherapy and vibracoustic soundwave settings.
A geek nirvana has grown up around the 1,200-year-old Shinto shrine. Tokyo’s Akihabara district is the place to go if you’re looking for gizmos, manga, videogames, anime, or figurines. On the right is the otaku hypermart AsoBitCity, and on the left is a doujin (fanzine) bookstore packed with images of doe-eyed schoolgirl characters.
Up a narrow side street and under a red and green gate, a wide stone path leads up to the Kanda shrine. It’s morning, and a salaryman on his way to work stands tossing change into the wooden offering box and clasps his hands in prayer. Just over the top of the green roof tiles, modern buildings dot the skyline. The view is discombobulating at first, the modern and ritzy clashing with the traditional and sacred, yet that image sums up Japan.
A laser gun that can be shot in space. The gun is also used in the video game GoldenEye 007. A version of this gun is shown being tested to somewhat gruesome effect on a wax dummy during Bond’s visit to the MI6 monastery. They were tested at Q-Branch, and used by United States Outer Space Marine Infantry and Drax Industries armaments.
Je veux m’inscrire à l’infolettre « Réunions à la Montréal » pour recevoir des nouvelles sur l’industrie, les tendances et les gens et entreprises qui innovent à Montréal. Je pourrai me désabonner à tout moment.
Does your toilet feel excluded from your smart home setup? Kohler’s new top-of-the-line model delivers hands-free flushing, bidet cleansing, feet warming, air drying, odor control, music, a night light and automatic seat temperature management. Plus, you can ask Alexa to flush. 
This soft touch, lightweight cable knit jumper with a printed mock shirt collar is a classic style which is easy to wear all year round. Perfect for pairing with your favourite jeans and boots, this mock shirt collar features a delicate butterfly print design with tones of turquoise on an ivory ground.
Amazon said last month that it sold tens of millions of Echo devices, which feature the Alexa assistant, over the holiday season. The technology will be everywhere at CES. Credit Christie Hemm Klok for The New York Times
Blofeld uses this seat to ‘punish’ SPECTRE agents who have failed in their terrorist missions. With the press of a button, Blofeld electrocutes the staff member on the seat which he sits on, then the seat drops down into the floor and comes back up a clean new seat, disposing of the dead body which was sitting on it.

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    Tech-world pundits predicted a new wave of “social discovery” apps that would change the way we meet people. The basic idea was that, by using phones’ GPS, users could see who else was nearby and then meet up with other users with shared friends or similar interests.
    Groupon, perhaps the best-known player in the field, watched its value plummet 79% in 2012. Its stock value dropped about three-quarters since opening in November 2011 as high-profile investors washed their hands of it.
    Toto’s marble-covered bathtub has lots of integrated tech — but what separates it from the rest is its ability to simulate the feeling of floating in space. A series of integrated jets lift your feet off the floor of the tub and the surrounding LED lights add the perfect interstellar ambiance.
    À VOUS! is a complete introductory French program that makes learning French easier through its flexible and accessible approach. Now in its second edition, this innovative book integrates the best aspects of theories in second-language acquisition and focuses on the skills crucial to the learning and use of a foreign language in order to provide readers with a comprehensive introduction to French language and culture. The program incorporates high-frequency vocabulary that is of interest to today’s readers, grammar explanations that are complete and comprehensible, a focus on all skills, task-based activities, and high-interest cultural topics that invite cross-cultural comparisons. The new, enhanced second edition of À VOUS! offers streamlined, visually enhanced grammar presentations, updated study tools, and optional access to the iLrn Heinle Learning, which includes an updated eBook, 40 new video-based pronunciation tutorials, 20 new culture videos, additional practice activities, and more!

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