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The next time a friend’s sincerity is in doubt, (like when you discover that fake $20 using your iTeki signal-detector pen) try this portable lie detector that measures varying degrees of vibration in the voice, which may or may not be a measure of the speaker’s honesty. The device’s on-screen Demonochio character’s nose will grow and horns will appear to grow as your subject’s voice gets more tense. We’re betting the evidence is not admissible in court (so you might want to double-check before pointing fingers at pals).
Does your toilet feel excluded from your smart home setup? Kohler’s new top-of-the-line model delivers hands-free flushing, bidet cleansing, feet warming, air drying, odor control, music, a night light and automatic seat temperature management. Plus, you can ask Alexa to flush. 
Yes! Press Win+Shift+G to show the gadgets and to switch between them. Use Tab to switch between gadgets that are docked to a sidebar. Open 8GadgetPack Tools if you would like to use Win+G and override the gamebar hotkey.
There used to be a wine shop on the main floor, now all of the wine is located in the lower level. They have cut back on their pastry shop. It is much smaller than it used to be. There are analysts who make these decisions. However, there used to be very long lines at the pastry counter – but no longer. I am sure things will be completely reconfigured next year. It seems very expensive to do major renovations every year.
Ce concept a été imaginé par des étudiants de l’Academie Isaac Newton de Londres. Une couche de molécules présente sur le préservatif va changer de couleur lorsqu’il va rencontrer des virus ou bactéries telles que la syphilis, herpes, chlamydie.
Salut, je pensais que ça pourrait t’intéresser : Ce signal pour lunette arrière reflète votre humeur au volant ! Voici le lien : https://www.meilleursgadgetsdunet.com/vie-de-famille/voiture/signal-lunette-arriere-reflete-humeur-volant/
La brosse magique à cane pour fourrure fait du nettoyage une brise à cause de l’action à double face. Elle nettoie deux fois plus rapide que les autres brosses. Avec un seul plongeon, les deux côtés se nettoient rapidement.
The heads-up display allows you to look at data on your windscreen and you can return calls or send text messages through voice commands. A great way of avoiding fumbling for your phone so you can keep your eyes on the road.
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Les coureurs dépendent de leur corps pour répondre à leurs exigences sportives. Cependant, des dispositifs technologiques modernes ont été développés pour aider les coureurs à optimiser leurs performances. Si vous êtes un coureur souhaitant améliorer sa vitesse et renforcer son bien-être physique, intéressez-vous à ces quatre gadgets qui rendront votre course plus facile, plus rapide et plus informative.
Resolved a bug preventing the gadgets to start. Updated a lot of gadgets and added a few. Improved install time and installer compression. Changed the weather gadget that appears on first start-up to WeatherCenter
Music has graced the world with its presence for thousands of years, but digitizing music has improved sound quality and sharing ability. Digital music also cuts back on waste, and it’s only a matter of time before CDs, records and cassette tapes become obsolete.
Si vous êtes l’heureux possesseur d’un iPhone, peut-être que vous avez parfois à supprimer des photos de votre appareil, en particulier si vous avez un modèle de 16 ou 32 Go. Le disque dur de ces modèles se remplit dans le temps de le dire! Cependant, êtes-vous sûr que vous le faites comme il le faut? Lire plus…
Spectre’s base of operations in the Moroccan Desert. Built into a meteor crater, this facility’s decor resembles that of the Eco Hotel from the film Quantum of Solace. This facility possibly contains more gadgets.
Standard wristwatch complete with several different gadgets ranging from lasers, communication devices, homing beacons, explosives, etc. Made standard to all 00 Agents and has aided and saved Bond in several dangerous situations. Former 00 Agent Alec Trevelyan also uses a watch similar to Bond’s. Ironically, in the novels Bond wore a Rolex Explorer, not a Submariner.[5]
author_email Optional string that provides the gadget author’s email address. You can use any email system, but you should not use a personal email address because of spam. One approach is to use an email address of the form helensmith.feedback+coolgadget@gmail.com in your gadget spec.
The $150 Zepp is equipped with an ARM processor, two built-in accelerometers, a 3-axis gyroscope, and enough storage to log 200,000 tennis or 2,000 golf and baseball swings. It attaches to a baseball bat, tennis racquet (via a $10 mounting unit), or a special golf glove battery and can be used for up to eight hours before needing a recharge. — Bryan Gardiner
This turtle neck jumper with a graduating ripple design is a great versatile knitwear piece for your winter wardrobe. This lightweight textured jumper cut with long sleeves will add interest and a cosy feel to any outfit.
Aujourd’hui, même la plus abordable des sous-compactes est plus luxueuse, plus confortable et plus sécuritaire que les grosses voitures «tout équipées» d’antan. Lorsqu’une nouvelle technologie apparaît, son coût de production très élevé explique que les constructeurs la proposent seulement sur leurs modèles les plus huppés.
Encore faut-il que Mercedes ne mette pas trop de temps à rattraper son retard sur Tesla en matière de VE, car en attendant que toutes les belles promesses de la marque à l’étoile (et celles d’autres) deviennent réalité, Tesla ne restera pas les bras croisés. On ne passe pas du statut de constructeur historique « thermique » à celui de producteur de VE à grande échelle en quelques années. Avec la Model 3, Musk est bien conscient des difficultés dans un premier temps, mais plus tard, ce modèle (et d’autres futurs) pourrait sauver la marque californienne et lui permettre donc de faire… Lire la suite »
Deloitte, the consulting firm, has been making a big push for smart cities. It envisions a future where a multitude of sensors work together to create a healthier, safer and more energy efficient town. Sensors in a river could detect pollution like leaks from chemical plants, and sensors that detect the sound of a gunshot could be used to alert the police, for example.
The Smart Beam (as it’s called) is as small as your phone and can project video to a size 150 inches. This little cube is the smallest laser projector in the world! It sits right in your hand, giving you the feeling of wielding something rath
Rather than rank technologies—writing, electricity, and so on—we chose to rank gadgets, the devices by with consumers let the future creep into their present. The list—which is ordered by influence—was assembled and deliberated on at (extreme) length by TIME’s technology and business editors, writers and reporters. What did we miss?
The Bluetooth headphone that could finally get audiophiles to cut the cord. Beyerdynamic’s Amiron wireless headphone is articulate, with excellent clarity and bass definition, and superior to the company’s on-ear Aventho Wireless — a great Bluetooth headphone in its own right.
Cacoon hanging tree-house by Hang-in-out, inspired by the weaver bird’s hanging nest. The coolest hanging small tent for grown-ups and a fantastic place for kids. Images © Hang-in-out Cacoon hanging treehouse is your swing chair,
Renowned journalist Edward R. Murrow famously described television as “nothing but wires and lights in a box.” Of all such boxes, Sony’s Trinitron—launched in 1968 as color TV sales were finally taking off—stands at the fore of memorable sets, in part for its novel way of merging what to that point had been three separate electron guns. The Trinitron was the first TV receiver to win a vaunted Emmy award, and over the next quarter century, went on to sell over 100 million units worldwide.

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