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This widget will countdown to several holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, New Year. Simply Copy the code below and paste it into your webpage and you will have your own christmas countdown, new year countdown.
name — The name of the service (for example, google), used for referencing OAuth services at runtime. This parameter is optional, and if unspecified, defaults to . Gadget developers specify which OAuth service they wish to use by passing the service name as a parameter to makeRequest().
Like the early Internet, GPS started life as a government-funded innovation. It wasn’t until President Bill Clinton decided in 2000 to fully open the network that it became a massive commerical success. (He was filling a promise made by Ronald Reagan.) Shortly afterwards, companies from TomTom Garmin introduced personal GPS devices for automotive navigation (like the Start 45) and other uses. Later, combining GPS technology with smartphones’ mobile broadband connections gave rise to multibillion dollar location-based services like Uber.
We’re living in a world that is changing faster than ever imagined. We use our Cisco Technology Radar to identify and track novel technologies and trends emerging around the world. Learn more about some technology trends that will change the future of the networking industry. (Cisco employee login required). 
Sony’s groundbreaking robot dog is back with some new tricks. Equipped with an artificial intelligence boost for 2018, Aibo can now recognize and respond to multiple family members. And with its wireless cloud connectivity, it can store and process everything that it learns from living with you. Caveat emptor.
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A number of Bond films have portrayed MI6 and their opponents to experiment with Laser Technology. Laser gadgets could be small enough to fit on one of Bond’s many Q-Branch watches to industrial sizes being fitted on various types vehicles and air/spacecraft.
The iPhone ‘Next G’ is Virtually Weightless in Your Palm Designed by Samuel Lee Kwon, the iPhone ‘Next G’ redefines its current concrete counterpart. Though the new wrist-worn concept is tangible technology, the Apple gadget’s familiar touchscreen is pro
Entrer dans sa voiture sans se servir de ses clés? C’est maintenant chose possible. On peut même faire démarrer le moteur sur simple pression d’un bouton au tableau de bord, à condition d’avoir la clé dans sa poche. Et en quittant la voiture, nul besoin de la fermer à clé. Les portières se verrouillent automatiquement lorsque la clé s’éloigne du véhicule.
Signature vehicle of James Bond, as seen in several films all containing various Q Branch gadgetry, except in Casino Royale where Bond wins the car in a game of poker and claims it as his own personal vehicle.
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L’EV800 représente une révision majeure du VR007 principalement en termes d’écran LCD, de lentille de Fresnel, de LiPo intégré, de sensibilité RX et de construction de qualité. Vendu juste 5 $ de plus que le VR007, l’EV800 est 100% sûr plus intéressant à ramasser que le VR007. Les prix sont plus ou moins compétitifs avec le Quantum V2. 
The staple of Drax’s plan to kill all of humanity. Bond accidentally discovers what they are in a Venetian laboratory (he accidentally kills two scientists after removing the nerve gas phial and it smashes). 50 globes are installed on the Moonraker Space Station, to be used to kill all of humanity in a necklace of death. Three of them were launched; the other 47 were incinerated in the destruction of the space station. Bond and Goodhead take over Moonraker Shuttle #5 and use its laser to destroy the three globes already in space
Il n’y a aucune garantie que quelqu’un sera là pour donner coup de pouce à votre moteur lorsqu’il y aura urgence sur un parking ou sur l’autoroute, ce qui explique pourquoi il est sage de toujours garder un kit de démarrage (jump starter) dans votre véhicule. Ce kit de démarrage est essentiellement une source de batterie qui vous permet de démarrer le moteur de votre voiture lorsqu’il est à plat en accrochant simplement les pinces du kit à la batterie de la voiture. Il peut aussi être utilisé comme une source d’énergie de secours.

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