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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fix this issue. The bug occurs deep in the internet explorer rendering api and I wasn’t able to find a workaround. You can however use the gadgets Glassy CPU Monitor and Glassy Network Monitor I made which don’t have this issue.
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Let’s use the JBL Powerup as an example. It’s a Bluetooth speaker with NFC and wireless charger on top. In order to pair it with the Lumia 950, you hold and place the back of the Lumia 950 near the NFC logo of the JBL Powerup. Once paired, the Gadgets app opens up and lets you know that it’s connected and ready for use. From the Gadgets app, you can decide what will happen next time you pair the phone with the Powerup.
Votre maison regorge d’objets Geeks, mais vous n’en avez jamais assez. Si votre bibliothèque est déjà pleine comics, votre chambre remplie de posters de vos super-héros favoris et de consoles de jeu, il y a toujours votre cuisine qui manque cruellement de gadgets Geeks. Après vous avoir dévoilé le top 40 des gadgets Geeks à avoir impérativement au bureau et le top 20 des gadgets qui vont révolutionner votre quotidien, on vous propose aujourd’hui de découvrir le top 20 des gadgets Geeks à posséder dans sa cuisine.
Superinfluencer @chrisellelim is teaming up with contemporary clothing brand @justoneanswer on her very first design collab. Christelle x J.O.A., which will be sold exclusively at nordstrom starting March 15, includes dresses, jumpsuits, tops and blazers. Creating pieces that were versatile was top-of-mind for Lim, as she started her career on YouTube with tutorials on how to wear one piece in many different ways. Read @strugatz’s full interview with Lim on – link in bio. #wwdfashion #wwdnews
The last phase of the renovation, set to roll out later next year, takes place in the second building where the new face of La Grande Epicerie de Paris will be revealed. A double escalator will be installed from the ground floor to the first floor echoing the same design in the main store, along with a dome-topped restaurant.
The iPhone ‘Next G’ is Virtually Weightless in Your Palm Designed by Samuel Lee Kwon, the iPhone ‘Next G’ redefines its current concrete counterpart. Though the new wrist-worn concept is tangible technology, the Apple gadget’s familiar touchscreen is pro
I’d be fine if I just clamped Schwinn’s CycleNav to my handlebars. You download the app to your phone (iOS or Android), tell it where you’re headed, and the CycleNav guides you there. It speaks to you in a friendly, synthetic voice, offering turn-by-turn directions, and its directional lights flash to guide you through the proper route. Schwinn’s app pulls bike-specific routing for the roads with the best cycling infrastructure. — Michael Calore
Que ce soit pour rigoler ou pour booster vos activités dans la chambre à coucher ou ailleurs, cette liste recense les gadgets parmi les plus cool et improbables en la matière. À vous de voter pour cette sélection.
screenshot Optional string that gives the URL of a gadget screenshot. This must be an image on a public web site that is not blocked by robots.txt. PNG is the preferred format, though GIF and JPG are also acceptable. Gadget screenshots should be 280 pixels wide. The height of the screenshot should be the natural height of the gadget when it’s in use.
A ring worn by Spectre operative Marco Sciarra, and later by Bond after he kills him. When analyzed by Q, it revealed data information within the ring about the Spectre organization. The ring is also used by members to gain admission to staff meetings.
This is a list of James Bond gadgets featured in the Bond films. The James Bond books and films have featured exotic equipment and vehicles, which often prove to be critically useful. The original books and early adaptations had only relatively minimal pieces like the modified attache case in From Russia, with Love. However, the gadgets took on a more spectacular profile in the film version of Goldfinger, and its tremendous success encouraged the following films to have Bond supplied with still more equipment. For instance, it became an expected scene in each film where Q would present and demonstrate Bond’s assigned tools for the mission, and it was a near guarantee that each and every piece would be invaluable to Bond in the field. In this sense, Bond gadgets became a prime example of the literary technique of Chekhov’s gun.
Aquarium Fish [as a display, and not a weapon or instrument] (Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Thunderball, The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, Licence to Kill, The World Is Not Enough, Skyfall)
Avec le Spark, DJI a clairement montré cette année qu’il savait déployer son savoir-faire sur des objets moins onéreux tout en conservant une énorme exigence en termes de qualité pour ses produits. L’avance du Chinois sur le marché du drone grand public est désormais actée : nous avons hâte de voir ce qu’il nous réserve en 2018.

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