skrivebord top gadgets til byggefirmaet skøre spion gadgets

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The in our main Electronic Gadgets category include solar appliances like solar phone and laptop chargers. You will also find LED watches with cool light effects or amusing cryptic ways of displaying the time. There are laser gadgets such as handheld laser pointers and rangefinders. And also loads of other small and interesting cheap electronics and cool inventions.
Nu kan du gemme på dine penge med stil! Denne kodyl fede sparebøsse i VW T1 design med flippede farver, er et must-have for enhver bilelsker! Sparebussen er flot og kreativ måde at gemme dine penge på! Info: Farve: Mange forskellige farver Antal: 1 stk. Mærke: VW T1 Model: Peace Type: Sparebøsse / Sparebus Vægt: 900gram Dimension: Længde: 248mm Bredde: 120mm Højde: 97mm
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Galleri: Kom helt tæt på Samsung Galaxy Gear Galleri: Se Nokias bedste og værste telefoner gennem tiderne Galleri: Her er fremtidens vilde mobile løsninger Galleri: Super-telefon med et meget dristigt designvalg De her gadgets gør dit hjem meget mere intellligent
The Cheerwing Syma quadcopter drone, for example, is an affordable drone which comes equipped with an HD camera, Wi-Fi compatibility, and a controller which once paired with a smartphone, allows users to view live footage as the drone is in the air.
Der fås også forskellige typer af omformere fra 12 V til 230 volt i bilen, men uanset type, må du højest trække 120 watt. Det er forskelligt, hvor mange watt en computer trækker, men fra f.eks. 85 til 150 watt er ikke unormalt.
Melinda Gates has been credited with persuading her husband, who she married in 1994, to give up leading Microsoft to concentrate on distributing his vast fortune among good causes including the battle against malaria, sustainable agricultural development and HIV research.
What that means is that sometimes (and right now is one of those times) the list doesn’t change for a long time. So quite a few of the items you’ll see below have been there for months, and have even endured major releases (we’re looking at you iPhone X) in their field. 
The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?
The riches of life are in the thrills. With blueMotion, the only limit to the thrill is imagination. This Bluetooth enabled, wearable massager maximizes your pleasure while delivering the ultimate in discretion. Whether you have a partner in crime or enjoy going solo, blueMotion has the power to tantalize and titillate–anytime, anywhere, and with any iPhone or Android device. The blueMotion app enables over the Internet control, pre-set patterns, touch control, tap and record, motion control and audio record functions. Body friendly materials, Phthalate free. Rechargeable battery for up to 1 hour of pleasure with 5 integrated manual mode patterns.

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