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During the final undersea battle, Bond is equipped with a bulky scuba tank that not only propels him through the water faster than anyone can swim; it is equipped with two explosive-tipped spear guns. It also has a frontal headlight.
messages — A URL that points to a message bundle. Message bundles are XML files that contain the translated strings for a given locale. For more information, see Gadgets and Internationalization. Optional.
The 6DoF Blaster is an AR-ready laser tag gun. Merge has given it six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) tracking, which phone-connected rival headsets have a hard time with. You can walk around with it, duck and aim quickly. Fun, and surely a sign that there are more AR toys to come.
All vehicles have that standard cigarette lighter power socket. With this you can plug power cables into your car gadgets. It’s a standard 12V on all vehicles so don’t worry about compatibility. If you are charging/powering many electronic appliances from one car socket, buy a good car accessory power splitter. Be careful not to overload the car’s electrical system with too many products plugged in at the same time.
Un homme armé au milieu d’un lieu public. Face à lui, des policiers. Le suspect va-t-il faire usage de son arme? Va-t-il se rendre? Depuis le début de l’année, les fonctionnaires s’entraînent sur des cibles vidéo pour leur permettre de s’immerger dans une situation quasi réelle et apprendre à mieux anticiper. Depuis des dizaines d’années, on s’entraîne sur des cibles conventionnelles, inertes, totalement connues, rappelle Pascal Tran, initiateur de la technologie EVA. Bien sûr, il faut faire de la technique, c’est obligatoire mais pour ce qui est du discernement, il était important d’innover.
The next time a friend’s sincerity is in doubt, (like when you discover that fake $20 using your iTeki signal-detector pen) try this portable lie detector that measures varying degrees of vibration in the voice, which may or may not be a measure of the speaker’s honesty. The device’s on-screen Demonochio character’s nose will grow and horns will appear to grow as your subject’s voice gets more tense. We’re betting the evidence is not admissible in court (so you might want to double-check before pointing fingers at pals).
Debussy’s Nathaniel headphones are 4G-enabled, so you don’t need to connect it to a phone or computer to play music. Instead, you control it through these LCD screens. They’re only in prototype phase at the moment, but that velvet sure is real. 
PoliticsTim Berners-Lee: we must regulate tech firms to prevent ‘weaponised’ web — The inventor of the world wide web warns over concentration of power among a few companies ‘controlling which ideas are shared’ (
Late last year, Amazon and Google got into a rather public tiff about whether or not users should be able to watch YouTube video on Amazon’s Alexa-with-a-screen box, the Echo Show. It didn’t make much sense, but now we’re seeing Google Assistant pop up in all kinds of small appliances with screens that serve basically the same purpose as the Echo Show.
Your one stop shop for everything weird, whacky and wonderful. From smartphone accessories to novelty gadgets, Slush Puppie machines to VR headsets, we’ve got everything you need to make your life that little bit more practical (and a lot more fun)!
Just got SleepPhones, which are headphones within a soft fuzzy headband for listening to music/podcasts while you fall asleep. I am literally incapable of falling asleep without a podcast, while my fiancé needs either light music or silence. These are so much more comfortable to wear than earbuds, she can’t hear my podcasts at ALL, and the sound quality is amazing. It’s only been two nights but I love them and have no idea how lived without them, hahah! —Kathleen M., Facebook
Pour éviter de chercher l’essentiel, il suffit de mettre le tout dans un organisateur en plastique. Ses compartiments permettent de classer les articles et de les avoir facilement à portée de la main. À l’aide d’une petite corde, il s’attache facilement au dossier du siège passager.
On a soft ivory base with stripe textured fabric, this floral scarf is the perfect way to add a subtle print into your outfit. With pops of yellow and red, this scarf looks great paired with your favourite Bonmarche denim. Scarf Size: 180cmx50cm
A dancer masquerading as the voodoo figure to utilize San Monique’s fear of the occult. Ostensibly working as a dancer in a voodoo-themed dinner show at San Monique’s hotel, he would often leave his hat at certain locations as warnings to certain people. He also seemed to have certain swordsman skills with a machete as well as the apparent ability to cheat death, as he appeared to meet his end by being thrown into a coffin full of snakes, yet he was later seen riding and laughing on the front of the train at the end of the film.

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