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The lang (language) and country attributes are both optional, but you must have at least one of them for each . If you omit either attribute, the value is equivalent to * and ALL. If you specify a country and no language, it is assumed that your gadget supports all languages associated with the country. Likewise, if you specify a language and no country, it is assumed that your gadget supports all countries associated with the language.
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In this post, we will dig deeper into the biggest differences between Hot Knot and NFC, how it all started, the pros and cons of both technologies, as well as which technology is likely to dominate the mobile payment world. Hit the link below for more and share if you like!
Updated a bunch of gadgets. Removed intrusive window that appeared after major Windows Update. Glassy Network Monitor now scales the graph according to the maximum visible value. 8GadgetPack no longer overwrites Win+G per default. If you want to keep using Win+G for gadgets, go to 8GadgetPack Tools and reenable it there. Or use Win+Shift+G.
A l’image de Netflix, les entreprises qui fabriquent les gadgets les plus courus du moment sont florissantes, malgré la crise, et la plupart se situent dans la Silicon Valley : Apple, Palm, HP, Cisco (qui a racheté Pure Technologies, fabricant de la Flip) ou Intel semblent moins affectées économiquement que d’autres entreprises de la région. A cela s’ajoute l’espoir de trouver l’emploi de ses rêves grâce aux réseaux sociaux : il faut donc rester connecté… à tout prix !
Un support de smartphone peut rendre la navigation beaucoup moins stressante, surtout si vous êtes une personne très demandée. Au lieu de regarder constamment vers le bas à votre téléphone pour répondre à un appel ou pour connaitre des directions, vous pouvez utiliser un support pour garder votre Google Maps ou Apple Maps app dans votre ligne de vision, tout en continuant de regarder la route.
@mktstudio was all about the faux fur coat trend this season. Their version, which wholesales for $159, comes in various colors such as blue denim, black, pink, craie, beige and cherry – pictured here. See more highlights from Coterie and other New York Trade Shows on #wwdfashion (📷: @lexieblacklock; Styled by @anrew_shang, @elmercer and @twallz21)
Comment installer un support tableau de bord dans une auto  Installez un support à GPS, téléphone portable ou autre appareil électronique sur votre tableau de bord sans avoir recours à la perceuse ni à la colle. L’astuce est de trouver le bon […] Posted in Accessoires
The size and shape of a Magic Eight Ball, the Nexus Q is (or was … it’s hard to say) a media streamer that uses Android to play audio and video. It’s also made in the United States, no small thing in a world where virtually all gadgets come from China.
The Makerbot Replicator was neither the first nor the best consumer-level 3-D printer. But it was the model that made the technology widely accessible for the first time, thanks to its sub-$2,000 price tag. The Replicator used inkjet printer-like technology to extrude hot plastic that took three-dimensional form as artwork, mechanical parts and more. As a company, Makerbot’s future is uncertain. But the firm’s equipment helped bring 3-D printing into the mainstream and is a fixture of many American classrooms.
“It’s less about the hardware, and more about what’s inside,” Carolina Milanesi, a technology analyst for Creative Strategies, said about the prominence of artificial intelligence and software innovations at CES. For consumers who are dazzled by flashy new devices, A.I. is never as exciting, she said — but it’s the magic that is making hardware evolve.
All done! I’m given a piece of wood to commemorate the ritual. My name is handwritten on it, along with the words Cell Phone Safety Blessing. It’s been eight months since this ceremony, and my phone is still safe and sound. Maybe the ritual itself worked…or maybe the ritual forced me to look at my phone with a little more reverence and respect.
De HDAntenne, une nouvelle super-antenne capable de réceptionner les signaux TV par voie hertzienne qu’aucune autre antenne n’avait réussi à capter auparavant. Vous recevez ainsi plus de 100 chaînes de façon entièrement gratuite et légale.

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