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Look at all that stress pent up inside of you. *Tsk, tsk* Such a shame. It’s unhealthy, you know, all that stress. Solution? Desktop punching ball. Basically, you form a fist, then you use momentum to CRUSH IT up against that ball. Ahhh… all better now! // Source
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I live in an apartment building with humongous, dumb industrial washers and dryers that burn everything and are a big Hercules Laundry Monitoring fail, so I don’t get all the fuss about multicompartment smart washer/dryer combos. But our smart Smart Home folks think these are the wackiest innovation we’ve seen yet and not just because it has two washer compartments and two dryer compartments. It can operate off a single water line even when washing two loads simultaneously, has customizable temperature zones for the small dryer, and can be controlled by your phone.
With notable improvements over its predecessor and a cheaper price than Sony’s A9 Alpha, the recently unveiled Sony Alpha A7R III stands to be one of the best mirrorless cameras ever made. It can shoot at twice the resolution of the A9 and has an autofocus that’s twice as fast as the A7R II, although it’s worth remembering that the A9 offers faster burst shooting. But the lower price and heightened performance are likely more than enough to impress pro and novice photographers alike.
VR goggles are nice and all, but how can you really feel like you’re flying when your feet are on the ground — or your butt is on the couch? Enter this Paris-based startup, which built a piece of furniture to help you get your body in the game.
Resembling an old computer graphics tablet but sounding like every instrument under the sun (and some yet to see the light of day), Seaboard Rise by Roli is a radical new MIDI musical instrument. The keyboard-like device feels soft and foamy to the touch, allowing it to be used in many ways. Strike its keys like a piano. Or glide your fingers over its frets like a guitar. Distortion controls can synthesize sounds to give them never-before-heard shape and tone.
Opvouwbare jas: 100% gewaxt nylon  met een voering: 100% polyester 290T en vulling: 90% dons 10% veren. Geleverd met hoesje om compact op te bergen. Zeer handig mee te nemen in je rugzak tijdens wandel- of fietstochten. Voorzien van kap en opstaande kraag. Waterafstotend.
Die Idee: Der Sensor wird zwischen Daumen und Zeigefinger geklemmt und misst die elektrodermale Aktivität: die Leitfähigkeit der Haut. Auf diese Weise kann der Sensor Erregung und Stress messen. Die gemessene Information zeigt er dann als farbiges Band auf dem Handybildschirm an, das sich über den Bildschirm zieht. Bei zunehmendem Stress wird der rote Anteil des Bandes grösser. Wenn man sich entspannt, wird der grüne Streifen breiter.
De series 2 bestaat uit vier verschillende producten. Twee maten koffers, een laptoptas en een paspoorthoes. Voor deze innoverende producten moet je wel even je spaarrekening leegplukken, want de hele set kost €895.(!!) Ach ja, wij sparen alvast even door…
There is many a football fan hiding within the ranks at Fortune, which means we’re quietly giddy about this year’s NFL championship game — Super Bowl — happening across the river from our New York headquarters. But an outdoor game in December may have us rethinking attending, and that’s where Samsung’s UNF8000 television comes in. At 55 inches, and with an edge-lit display framed by a seriously minimalist bezel, it’s the perfect game day companion.

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